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Hi Friends, This week we are learning the chord pattern of Kenny Burrell's "Chittlins Con Carne." It's a fun tune with a minor Latin feel. All the chords are dominant 7th chords except for the 1 which is a C minor #9. It's a fun tune so work out the groove with the chords and next lesson will be the melody.

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Duke Robillard
Kenny Burrell
Chitlins Con Carne
Latin Groove

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loop @ 1:16 chord breakdown

%8/2.6/1.8/3.8/3.X/X.X/X[Cm#9] %8/2.X/X.7/1.8/3.8/3.X/X[F9] %10/2.X/X.9/1.10/3.X/X.X/X[G7]


loop @ 2:46 run through


loop @ 4:20 G#5 chord




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martin schipper
martin schipper Apr 29, 2021

Cm#9 ??? #9 is an e-flat, which is the minor third of Cm...

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 07, 2013

Hi Mark, Yes Mr Burrell IS the man! DukeĀ 

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes Sep 07, 2013

I love that minor i (one) also. I learned this using a C7#9 for the I chord. I think this voicing is better. I'm glad you're doing this tune. Kenny Burrell is one of my favorites and he seems so relaxed when he plays, but man, it's tricky to get some of those lines groove the way he makes 'em groove!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jul 23, 2012

Ok guys, you win! The way I was voicing it, the C7#9 didn't sound quite right to me, but when i play it on the lower four strings it sounds better to me. So thanks guys for straightening me out on that. We don't always hear things the same way.

Mike Crutcher
Mike Crutcher Jul 20, 2012

I agree with Octavio. This is a C7#9. Kenny solos over this tune in very much a minor mode with the pentatonic minor scale/blues scale, but it's definitely C7#9, which includes the E note as the third. 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jul 12, 2012

WildWillie, Thank You! Mike suggested it and indeed it is the perfect groove song for my lessons. Duke

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jul 12, 2012

Hi DaddyRay, That guitar is a James W Murphy archtop custom made for me. It is the best archtop I have ever played, and I have owned Stromburgs, D'Angelicos, Epiphone Deluxes, Broadways and Triumphs and Vintage Gibson L15s, 7s and Supper 400s. I have two of James guitars and he is building me a third 18inch model that will be based on a Stromberg Master 400 and a D'Angelico. His guitars sound incredible and keep sounding better all the time!  

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jul 12, 2012

Thanks Mike, I purposely varied the style of chording to show some minor variations of it. Yes, my favorite musical thing in chords is is close voicings where one or two notes change and the rest stay the same.


Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jul 11, 2012

Hi Duke .. I'm really enjoying this tune!  Here's where I am with the chords

I even discovered a new one for the IV


daddyray (robbie)
daddyray (robbie) Jul 08, 2012

duke, pardon me but what is that guitar?..it looks and sound similar to my 50s Silvertone which I dug up in a pawn shop in chicago. that good stiff archtop with a single PU in it

octavio herrero
octavio herrero Jul 07, 2012

Dear Duke, 

I'm kind of confuse hered. I think you can't call this chord a Cm#9 because the #9 (d#) is also the minor  3th of the chord. If you were talking about C7#9  (the chord, I think, Kenny really played in the original song) then it would have make sense  to use the #9 extension since you were talking about the E as the major 3th and the d# as a sharped 9. Do you agree  with me or I'm missing something here? Anyway, I have to tell you that I'm a very big fan of you? I have must of your records, I  love each of them and have learned a lot from your playing. Thak you very much from Mexico City.



Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jul 06, 2012

Absolutely love this one DUKE !!  I have a new favorite chord .. Cm#9.  It's cool how some parts move with the chords and others stay the same ... like the bass note on the IV chord.  I also like how you did multiple verses of the rhythm and varied it a bit ... I plan to pick up those variations too as they add nice color to it.  Thanks!

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