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Hello all!

For this week’s lesson we will be looking in detail at the syncopations that Norman uses on the A part of Under the Double Eagle. The trick to this lesson is that your right hand never stops playing 16th notes in an up/down pattern. This means that the syncopations are felt based on where you place the melody notes within the steady flow of 16th notes.

Under the Double Eagle is a GREAT solo flatpicking number that sounds full and complete even without another accompaniest. The thing that makes that work is maintaining that stream of 16th notes.







Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Syncopated Melody


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 0:45 Breakdown of Syncopated Melody

Loop 15:00 Closing Thoughts and Outro




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Mike Mar 07, 2019

Can you demonstrate how you achieve your left-hand vibrato?



Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Apr 01, 2019

James Macklin
James Macklin Feb 23, 2019

Ok Chris, here's my shot at the A part with some of the syncopations. It is all about flow! 

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Mar 03, 2019

Sounding really great, James! You're right, it's all about finding a good flow. One thing for you to consider in the quest for ever better flow: it looks to me like you are holding some extra tension in your right forearm. Maybe try exaggerating a loose movement there for a bit, just to help learn what it feels like. Then slowly try to integrate some of that feeling into your playing of the tune.

p.s. Sounding really good on the repeat variation! It's tricky and you're doing it well!

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Feb 22, 2019

Hmmm ... damn ... um ... Kip to command could you put those little loop marker things in this lesson ... thanks. 

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