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Silent Night

Extra Ornamentation for the Holidays

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Silent Night > Extra Ornamentation for the Holidays

Hi Everybody and Happy Holidays!

This week I've got a few simple but beautiful embellishments that you can use to dress up the version of Silent Night that I showed you last week. This time we'll be playing a lot of the melody in thirds. Focus on clarity and lyricism - really hear the melody in your mind's ear as you play those double stops. The effect is really elegant. There are also a couple of chord substitutions here to add some variation.

As always, take it slow, focus on lyricism and enjoy! And Merry Christmas!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Drop D Tuning ( D A D G B E )

Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Silent Night Melody using 3rds


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 1:12 Introduction to Lesson and Using 3rd Intervals

Loop 2:21 Breakdown of Melody Using 3rd Intervals

Loop 14:45 Closing Thoughts





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James Macklin
James Macklin Dec 25, 2016

I decided to throw in Night of Silence before the main event. More my own thing, very simple with your ornamentations. Wanted to exploit how big a sound this guitar gets. Sorry about the Bm chord at the end.

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Dec 25, 2016

James, I love your creative and original take on this! Beautiful! Keep that up!

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