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Boll Weevil

Incomplete Chords and the Vibes They Can Give You

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Boll Weevil > Incomplete Chords and the Vibes They Can Give You

Hello All,

This week we’re introducing a new tune, Boll Weevil. This is a song that I recorded with Punch Brothers on our last record, The Phosphorescent Blues. Structurally, it’s a very straightforward song but it has a modal quality that imbues the song with a touch of mystery. We’ll take a look at how not playing full triads for our rhythm guitar voicings leaves space for some ambigious vibes, which I think sounds good in this context. Also, we’ll look at a slightly different tuning arrangement, DADGBD, where both of the E strings are tuned down to D. I used this tuning on this song and also on the song “Fork in the Road” way back when I was still playing with the Infamous Stringdusters.






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Boll Weevil Run-Through

Loop 2:12 Breakdown of Boll Weevil Chords and Rhythm

Loop 7:32 Boll Weevil Chords and Rhythm


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 8:06 Boll Weevil Rhythm Embellishments

Loop 12:03 Closing Thoughts





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Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Feb 17, 2018

Chris -

Happy to see this and the concept of incomplete/partial chords mixed with a slightly altered tuning and the vibe it sends. Really cool rock'n  stuff. Rygar has me baffled but I can see this helping with that if that makes any sense. Thx for putting this one on here.


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Feb 22, 2018

Indeed. By putting different extensions into a chord or leaving out certain notes (often, but not always, a third) you can evoke different feelings and colors. The search for interesting chord voicings is a wonderful rabbit hole to go down!

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