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C Section and Bridge

Hello Friends,

This week I’ll be showing you the big release of the song, which is the C Part, and also the quiet bridge that follows. All of the music so far has been either static (the A section) or building tension (the B section) so the C section gives us a chance to do something with all of the energy that has building. The bridge that immediately follows the rowdy C part gets reflective and brings us back down to earth. So again, our big picture goal here besides learning all of the parts is thinking about managing the big-picture energy, flow and dynamics of the song. That’s how I think about all of this anyway!






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Loop 1:20 Rygar C Part and Bridge


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Loop 3:17 Breakdown of Rygar C Part and Bridge

Loop 17:44 Closing Thoughts





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Jolyon Apr 23, 2020

Chris, it's been a while since there were any comments here, but I am in Lockdown London and spending time with your course. I absolutely love Rygar and am so glad you've unpacked it for us here—it's one of my favourite ever songs, right up there by "On the sunny side of the ocean" by John Fahey. I've just spent hours going through it and have the basics. Now it will just take about 1,000 hours of practice to get it in shipshape shape ;-)

I am using your course, Scott Nygard on Peghead Nation and Bryan Sutton on ArtistWorks to explore and get better at flat-picking and bluegrass. They're all great resources and, I have found, complement each other very well.

Thanks for doing this—it really does mean a lot to a lot of people.

Best wishes


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Aug 14, 2020

Thanks so much Jolyon! So truly nice to hear that.

Matt Feb 11, 2019

i love this mate, thank you 

Torgeir Jorem
Torgeir Jorem Aug 14, 2018

Hey Chris. 

I appriciate your video response, and I can see what you're pointing at. I've practized a lot on this, but kinda feel I have stagnated on developing my playing on Rygar (maybe it was a bit too difficult for me now). It's a shame because it really is one of the top lessons on this site, but I think I have to let it go for a while. Hopefully I can post a video before 2019 and show that I have learned from your response. Thanks! 


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Aug 15, 2018

Sounds good. And as a general note - if you feel like you need to take a break from it for awhile that’s fine. Sometimes a little time away from something you’ve been banging your head against can give your subconscious a chance to work through the issues. You might be surprised to see that the next time you work on this that it comes more easily. I had that experience MANY times in the early days of Punch Brothers. There were some rhythmic concepts that were very tricky and new to me and it felt like no matter how much I worked on them and thought about them, I just couldn’t get them right. But a few months went by and all of a sudden I could do it. Sometimes the pressure we put on ourselves to get something right can get in the way. 

Torgeir Jorem
Torgeir Jorem Jun 15, 2018

Here is my short version of Rygar (it's short because I can't do those awesome variations with bass). I hope to hear a comment from you on this one, it's a really a beautiful guitar song I would like to improve my playing on. Torgeir 

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Jun 15, 2018


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Jun 20, 2018

Hi Torgeir, 

I made a video response below. 




Sturgill Jan 31, 2018

Awesome! So much fun when you truly love the song you're learning. if you dont mind I'm curious of what strings you prefer on your guitars? Thanks and have a good one critter.

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Feb 02, 2018

Thanks Sturgill, glad you're enjoying it! I'm super into D'addario Nickel Bronze strings these days. 

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Jan 26, 2018

Chris - way cool ... way outside of my time zone but I'm having a lot of fun messing around with this. I can play the "A" part and sort of play a hybrid mix of the easier version and more difficult version of the "B" part .... at about quarter speed LOL but I don't feel comfortable enough to put up a video. You nailed this song when you wrote it and your hands are like watching magic. I'm hoping and really looking forward to your next record with Julian.

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Feb 02, 2018

Thanks Kip! Keep working on it and you'll definitely get it, just as you've gotten so many other things so far!

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