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Hello and Happy New Year! I wanted to do something a little different for this lesson so instead of teaching you a song (there are plenty of those to work on in the archives!) I’ll teach you how to tune by ear. Getting really in tune by ear might seem like a distant superpower that only great musicians possess, but it can absolutely be learned. The trick is in knowing what to listen for. And also having a few different ways to check the tuning of a given string.

This is kind of a long lesson, but I hope you’ll stick with me on it. It’s a very worthwhile topic and one that can truly deepen your relationship to the guitar.






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Chris Eldridge
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lewis Feb 22, 2017

Such a great lesson - especially the stuff about overtones. I've never really been clear when peope talk about certain guitars having more or less 'harmonic content' and 'complexity'. I think I understand it better now. Trying to pick out the overtones on various guitars reveals that some come through more than!

I still need to practice hearing them clearly though. I think it might be a little like wine tasting...and first you don't know how people are picking out all these different flavours .... vanilla, blackcurrent, oak etc. It just tastes like wine that you either like or don't - then you practice and you start to be able to pick them out.

Thanks for going into this in-depth!


David Jan 13, 2017

That was fantastic!  Thanks so much!

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