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Music Theory I

Qualities of Important Chord Tones

Hello All!

This week I wanted to share some practical music theory shortcuts that I use and think about quite often. Basically, this lesson discusses the idea that against a given chord in a given key (say a I chord, or a iii chord) you can know the qualities of different intervals from the root of that chord. Said another way, if you are in the key of G, you can know that the third above a B note would be a minor 3rd. Or that the 7th above that B note would be a minor 7th. If you can cross reference this with the physical shape of a minor 3rd interval then you have a powerful tool for understanding the fingerboard. It may sound abstract but in reality it’s very knowable - and very useful - information. In the lesson I explain the system for 3rds, 5ths and 7ths. There’s also a chart that I made displaying this info.








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