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Let Him Go On Mama

Solo Pt. 2

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Let Him Go On Mama > Solo Pt. 2

Hi! This week we're going to finish out the solo on Let Him Go On, Mama. Conceptually there's not much to wrestle with here - I'm basically just showing you how to play it. BUT, I would encourage you to think about maintaining a strong sense of rhythm and groove on this second half. To me, what's interesting about this solo is the momentum of the phrases. Some push toward the finish, some are syncopated and halting. You want to make sure that they all feel inevitable and like they're part of the same overall flow.






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Chris Eldridge
Let Him Go On Mama

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Loop 0:30 Breakdown of Solo - Part 2

Loop 22:38 Slow Practice Loop of Solo - Part 2

Loop 23:22 Closing Thoughts






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Alex B
Alex B Mar 26, 2017

Here's a quick and dirty take! 

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Mar 27, 2017

Alex, sounds great! You might look at the 2-3-3 rhythm in the cross picking at the beginning and make sure that all of those strong beats (ONE two ONE two three ONE two three) are being articulated. That will help give that section purpose. Otherwise it sounds really good!

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