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A Peek Toward Swing Guitar

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Any Old Time > A Peek Toward Swing Guitar

This week we're starting in on an old Jimmie Rogers song, "Any Old Time." It was famously recorded by Tony Rice on his iconic record Church Street Blues which is where I learned it, but Jimmie's version is very cool. Julian Lage and I also recorded it on our record Avalon. At any rate, it's a great song that gets us away from bluegrass and a little closer to swing territory (although I wouldn't consider it a swing tune, per se). The rhythm guitar approach is built around muting the strings and choking the chord after playing it to create a more driving rhythm sound. There are also some new chords (diminished, minor 4, and strings of dominant chords) that we'll be learning to play this song.

All good stuff! Enjoy!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chris Eldridge
Julian Lage
Tony Rice
Any Old Time
Jimmie Rodgers

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Any Old Time


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Loop 3:21 Breakdown of Any Old Time

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Torgeir Jorem
Torgeir Jorem Feb 27, 2019

Hey Chris! Cool lesson and very fun song to sing along to. Here's my try on it with an attempt to make some ideas on soloing (parts I have used from your lesson also). 


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Mar 03, 2019

Torgeir, cool hearing your take on this song! You're playing some of the chords a little differently than I do, but it all sounds good and musical. The spot that stuck out to me the most was when your solo started. At that moment the song lost a bit of momentum. I really liked the composition of the solo and all of the notes and melodies that you chose, but make sure that the forward momentum and energy that you have when you are playing rhythm and singing doesn't get fall too far behind. 

Keep it up!

craig morrison
craig morrison Jun 20, 2018

nice go to to hear my work


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Jun 20, 2018

Welcome, Craig!

Ronald Lipton
Ronald Lipton Dec 26, 2017

Hi Chris,

  i thought this sounded familiar, then i realized that Steve Goodmans “ A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request” is based on similar chords and melody.   Of course I actually lived to see them win the World Series so I guess the song is no longer as relevant. Still like it though.



Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Dec 28, 2017

You’re right, the verse is very similar! And still a good song! 



Rémy Sep 29, 2017

Such a nice version !!!

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