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Is It Too Late Now?

Intro Breakdown

This week I'm showing you the intro that I played from the first video for this song. Again, I'm trying to play to the guitars strengths, leaning very heavily on the melody, but also trying to use other chord tones, strums and double stops to fill out the sound. It's a similar approach to the one that we used last year on "Honey, You Don't Know My Mind". With all of the extra notes and accents though, don't lose sight of the fact that this is the *kickoff* for the song. In other words, keep your sense of the melody strong!




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Lester Flatt
Earl Scruggs
Is It Too Late Now?
Chris Eldridge

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Intro


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Loop 0:33 Breakdown of Intro

Loop 20:22 Slow Practice Loop of Intro

Loop 21:00 Closing Thoughts






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Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Oct 31, 2016

Chris -

This intro illustrates that I need to get looser but I don't think that is an overnight thing. My goal is to get looser in the picking arm/wrist. This is a little rough and I don't think I'm playing the "pull off" correctly but I will continue to work on this because I think I'd eventually like to play and sing the song. I wish you had shown us a couple of the other breaks ... runs ... licks whatever you want to call it so I'm on my own to try and copy what you're doing.

As a side note - Along with Ginseng Sullivan (smile) I hope you'd consider someday teaching Cloverdale Plantation March off of Norman Blake's last record. It's a great tune.




Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Dec 02, 2016

Kip, this sounds REALLY GOOD! I agree that you are holding a lot of tension in your right forearm, but you have found a way to work around it to allow the music to speak. That's good because it shows that your mind is leading the way, rather than your hands. That said, it would really be to your benefit to learn to relax your arm. The flow of the music will improve tremendously. The way forward is what I have preached here in the past: awareness, willful sloppiness (to learn how it feels to be relaxed), and trust that it will improve if you do the first two things!

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