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Bringing It Home

Hello All,

This week I’ll be showing you that last bits and pieces of Rygar that we haven’t touched on so far. Mostly we’re concerned with the end of the song - setting it up properly via some ratcheted up tension and then the release/bringing it home. I think it’s important to know why you’re playing whatever it is that you’re playing at any time and so I talk about that a bit here. As always, when you’re putting the whole song together you’re going to want to keep the arc of the whole thing in mind and not try to just execute the individual sections. I hope you’ve had fun with Rygar - I’ve enjoyed getting back inside it and thinking about how and why it is the way it is!






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Loop 0:00 Rygar Ending


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Loop 0:42 Breakdown of Rygar Ending

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Alex B
Alex B Mar 23, 2018

Hey Critter!

Here's a pretty imperfect pass at Rygar. Man, this tune has such momentum! Every time I finish playing I feel as if  I'm dismounting a wild animal (in the best sense possible). Thank you so much for taking the time to deliberately teach this piece. I've so enjoyed trying to wrestle it to the ground; it's one of those songs that gets you excited to practice.  



Phillip Kaczor
Phillip Kaczor Mar 24, 2018

Bravo, my friend!  Excellent rendition.

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Mar 24, 2018

Alex, GREAT JOB! That sounds absolutely wonderful! You took the tempo a little slower than I do but the intensity was high the whole time which gave the whole thing a slow burn, which I loved. Also, special mention for how relaxed but still fully driving the C section is. There are little things here and there but you know what they are. The only spot I'd single out for focus is the quiet A part melody that builds at the end of the song (starting at 2:05). Structurally I think it's nice if that part continues the sense of repose from the previous bridge section but starts building SLOWLY with a quiet intensity. Then you really arrive into the following low B part with a lot of power. I'm really just nitpicking though - you knocked it out of the park!

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