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Two Options for the B Section


This week I’ll be showing you two different ways to play the B part; one that mostly consists of single notes, and the other which brings together the single note melody with some colorful chords. As you work on this, remember to keep the groove and the overall arc of the section in your mind. This section is sending you into the C part which is a little more rocking so part of your job in delivering the B part is setting up the tension that will be released in the next section.






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Loop 0:00 Rygar B Part Run-Through


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Loop 0:48 Breakdown of Rygar B Part

Loop 24:00 Closing Thoughts





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Brian Hull
Brian Hull Jan 20, 2018

Man I love this tune, A part coming along.......on to the B! Absolutely love the way you play. Doc

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Jan 20, 2018


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