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Butter and Eggs

Using Timbre and Slurs to Create Lyricism

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Butter and Eggs > Using Timbre and Slurs to Create Lyricism

Hello Friends,

Guitar offers us many different ways to play the same note. This is truly one of the instrument’s strengths because it allows for a great deal of variance of nuance and expression. Take your high open E note on the 1st string for instance. You can play that exact same note in the exact same octave in 5 different places on any guitar (Open 1st string; 5th fret of 2nd string; 9th fret of 3rd string; 14th fret of 4th string; 19th fret of 5th string). If you play all of those fingerings you will notice that although the note stays the same the timbre (or tone) of the note changes significantly across the many positions. We can leverage this to our advantage when playing melodies. We can also change the impact by using slurs and fingering exactly in between 2 frets. In this weeks lesson we take a look at some of these techniques and how they can be applied to playing the simple but beautiful melody in Butter and Eggs.





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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Butter and Eggs


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Loop 0:35 Breakdown of Butter and Eggs Melody

Loop 10:03 Closing Thoughts and Outro





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Dustin Raley
Dustin Raley Nov 07, 2017

I honestly think these are my favorite kinds of lessons. I love learning new tunes and breaks, but hearing you talk guitar theory/approach is really valuable stuff! Thanks for your thoughts. 

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