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Nashville Blues

Chords and Rhythm

We're re-issuing one of Chris's most popular lessons with re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Chris: 

We've got a great song this month, "The Nashville Blues," written by the Delmore Brothers. I learned it from Norman Blake who has a great version on YouTube: 

This song has a slightly different character than anything else we've worked on so far. It's definitely a blues, but somehow it sounds cheerful at the same time. Notice the unusual phrase lengths of the verses. It's actually a classic 12 bar blues form but, to me anyway, it feels novel in this bluegrass/string band context.

This one is particularly fun to play and sing so have at it!



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through


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Loop 3:02 Introduction to Nashville Blues

Loop 6:05 Phrase Structure of Nashville Blues


I've got the blues, those Nashville blues

I've got the blues, those Nashville blues

I ain't got no hat, I ain't got no shoes


The people here they treat me kind

The people here they treat me kind

Lord, they give me beer and they give me wine




I'm going back to Arkansaw

Going back to Arkansaw

There I'll stay right there with my pa and ma




Oh Lord, I wish that train would come,

Lord I wish that train would come,

It would take me back where I come from




Loop 11:41 Closing Thoughts and Outro 






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Ken Bellingham
Ken Bellingham Jul 03, 2021

Chris, isn't the structure of this song similar to that of a standard 12-bar blues?

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