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Let Him Go On Mama

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Let Him Go On Mama > Intro Breakdown

Hi Everyone,

This week I'm showing you the low, rolling crosspicking figure that I used on the intro and in between the verses on Let Him Go on Mama. This cross picking pattern is different than the kinds that we learned from George Shuffler, the great guitar player from the Stanley Brothers. Here we are trying to imitate John Hartford's banjo roll and as a result we get some interesting sounds and notes. For one, we're doing the crosspicking a lot lower on the guitar than usual - Hartford often played a low-tunes banjo and really celebrated that low, rolling sound.

We're also playing moving figures up the neck with one unchanging, open string. It makes for a cool sound - have fun with it!





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Chris Eldridge
Let Him Go On Mama

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Loop 0:00 Intro of Let Him Go On Mama


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Loop 1:33 Breakdown of Crosspicked Intro

Loop 12:18 Closing Thoughts and Outro





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