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Nine Pound Hammer

Syncopations, Double Stops and Triplets, Oh My!

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Nine Pound Hammer > Syncopations, Double Stops and Triplets, Oh My!

To finish out Nine Pound Hammer I wanted to show you guys a solo that I played during the first lesson where I taught the song. Despite the title, this version really isn't that bad. There are some syncopations that are a little trickier that what we usually do and the triplets might take a little practice, but take it slow and you'll find that it's all manageable. Before you try to play the syncopations and the triplets make sure you can sing them first! Singing is really always one of your most powerful tools when learning new music.

Happy trails!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chris Eldridge
Tony Rice
Norman Blake
Doc Watson
Nine Pound Hammer

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Chris Eldridge Style Solo


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Loop 0:50 Breakdown of Chris Eldridge Style Solo

Loop 11:57 Slow Practice Loop of Chris Eldridge Style Solo

Loop 14:52 Closing Thoughts and Outro





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Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Aug 16, 2016

Chris ... I'm originally from a very small town in southern WV so I need my fingers to count and they are busy when playing .. ha ha just kidding. 

Thanks man for helping me out on all of these.

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Aug 16, 2016

Ha! My grandfather's family was from Charleston. WV is a fine state. 

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Aug 06, 2016

Challenging for me ... I'll keep working on it.


Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Aug 15, 2016

Hey Kip,

You're playing most of the "hard" stuff very well. The thing that's tripping you up here is waiting the correct duration of time during rests. Along with my version, try counting out loud - "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 1 and 2 and..." to feel and learn exactly where the rests are happening. You're all good until 0:14 on your video at which point the rest doesn't get it's full duration. There are some more shortened rests after that. Try counting while you listen to really figure out and know the "phrasing".

Keep up the good work!


Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Jul 14, 2016

Ok - I nixed the question - after having watched the lesson a thousand times - I finally "listened" to what you were "saying" after the final note of the triple threat triplet which is quite a challenge to play (for me).

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Jul 10, 2016

Hi Chris - and anyone else who may be reading along. So, although I've caught on later in life to this style of music and picking the guitar, I still feel like I've discovered America or something. So much great music and so many tremendous pickers out there - You, Julian Lage, David Grier, Bryan Sutton, the old guard, the new gaurd - I'm not even scratching the surface of how many great guitar pickers there are.. Weird feeling being late to the show but still feeling as if I've found something shiny and new.

I've been exploring, watching, reading about how to do this or that ... dip your shoulder ... tap your toe ... bob your head ... up/down  ... relax ... breathe ...  anchor - don't anchor ... I feel like when my Dad was trying to teach me to hit a baseball. A lot of fun for the whole family LOL.

Anyway, this series of lessons has underscored for me that there is so much more to it than just rendering a song note for note. I understand that to be taught how to do something - you have to be shown - but the more I watch and listen the more I also understand that there are countless ways to get there - playing a song - how to get from "G" to "C" and back - or wherever the destination is BUT it's "all" about just playing which equals fun. All you guys look like you're having a blast when you're performing.

I may never become the greatest picker ever (maybe I will) - either way -- I'm having fun too. Thanks for the lessons. You Rule.

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Jul 11, 2016

WELL SAID! Ultimately there are as many different ways to play it as there are people to play it. The important thing is that you play it!

jed Jul 08, 2016

Thank you for another excellent series of lessons that examines a standard from different styles and perspectives. This material is rich and challenging, and I find that I need more than one week to absorb each weekly lesson. Keep up the good work.

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