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Under The Double Eagle

Norman’s B Part Syncopations

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Under The Double Eagle > Norman’s B Part Syncopations

Hello All!

The B-part of this tune has some really fun and unexpected syncopations. The general advice for this week’s lesson is the same for all of the lessons in this series: LOOSE, LOOSE, LOOSE!







Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of B Part


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 1:25 Breakdown of B Part

Loop 13:33 Slow Practice Loop of B Part

Loop 14:43 Closing Thoughts and Outro




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Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Apr 22, 2019


Fun cool tune to learn and play but time to move on to the next one to see what happens. 

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Jun 19, 2019

Yeah Kip, great job on this! You've come so far in terms of keeping your body loose. It's awesome and you really do look relaxed. My one piece of advice based on this video is that it looks like you may be planting or resting the heel of your right hand on the bridge or bridge pins. Is that right? Your wrist looks super loose which is great, but you might try getting your forearm a little more involved in the picking. That might be easier if you try wrapping your right arm around the guitar a bit more. Check out the screen grab of me above and notice the angle that my forearm is making relative to the strings. It's a bit more horizontal than yours. You might try experimenting with that angle. I suspect that if your right arm drops down the slightest bit around the side of the guitar and you flatten your forearm out the slightest bit you might find it easier to integrate your forearm into your pick stroke a bit more. Food for thought. 

Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Mar 22, 2019

This has been such a great lesson and a lot of fun for the whole family as they watch me still trying to master the Norman Blake "mechanism". The going is slow but it's going better everyday. This one is another whole ball of wax but too cool.

Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Apr 01, 2019

Yep, slow and steady wins the race!

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