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Mean Mother Blues

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Mean Mother Blues > Intro Breakdown

Hello All!

This week we will be looking at the intro that I play on the Mean Mother Blues. It’s very much based upon Mike Auldridge’s great dobro intro for this tune from countless live Seldom Scene recordings that I used to listen to when I was young (once I decided that my dad’s band was actually cool :-). Check out a prime example of Mike playing it here:

(That whole show is great…)

The idea behind my arrangement of this intro was to use Mike’s melody, but with embellishments that can only be done on the guitar (like chords under the melody).






Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Intro


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 0:28 Breakdown of Intro

Loop 16:00 Slow Practice Loop of Intro

Loop 16:33 Closing Thoughts

Loop 17:30 Rhythm Practice Loop





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Kip Marchetti
Kip Marchetti Jun 02, 2019


Working on Mean Mother Blues opening and chords run through video. Been having a problem uploading to sonic junction for some reason and not sure why. Hopefully this works. The next couple of lessons are more than challenging for me (no surprise) but still trying to tackle it at much slower speeds as is this video. I think the song works a little slower than Chris plays it anyway but there you go.



Chris Eldridge
Chris Eldridge Aug 08, 2019

Hey Kip, 

Sounding really great and musical, as always. I like the tempo where you are playing this - it suits the way you play it and the vibe that you’re getting. That’s an important point I think: there can be many different “good“ tempos for a song depending on the vibe of the delivery. This tempo suits your feel and vibe really well. Now, a couple of things to point out:

-On the tag lick that occurs at 0:20 and again at 1:16 you are arriving at the end too early by dropping 3 big beats. The lick starts on the 2nd 16th note of beat 4 and the downbeat of that next measure is actually the note on the (capoed) 4th fret of the 2nd string. *From that downbeat* there’s still a whole measure of music before the start of the verse. Does that make sense? Maybe listen to my tag in that spot a bunch of times in a row using the repeat function and try to feel how the syncopation of the lick relates to the bar structure. 

-The other thing, which is minor, is that when you’re playing rhythm guitar sometimes you’re skipping the D chord that comes before the G. This happens at 0:37 and again at 0:56



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