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Hi Folks, this weeks lesson is a continuation of soloing on "Westside Shuffle." When we left off last week we were starting on or third chorus where we go up to second position. Starting in second position I demonstrate several different riffs in the "blues box" using a few different techniques then we are up third position for more variations on bends and phrasing. We also walk up to the next octave and I demonstrate many of my favorite licks and give ideas and advice on this style of playing. Keep the videos coming folks! Enjoy, Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues
B.B. King
Duke Robillard
Ronnie Earl
West Side Shuffle

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Background listening: West Side Shuffle

Note: this is a good lesson to practice learning the riffs you like be ear.  TIP: if you hear a riff you want to learn, press the numbers 1 through 9 and the looper will automatically loop the last 1-9 seconds of video.  

loop @ 1:08 2nd position ideas and riffs

loop @ 8:55 3rd position (B.B. King box)

loop @ 16:30 higher up on the neck

loop @ 19:10 V chord

$2.6 9^ $1.6 8 $2.9^ 6 $3.h8 $2.6 |

loop @ 20:25 a slow solo for a few choruses

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Marty Perry
Marty Perry Nov 27, 2015

Hi Duke, Here's my run at it. Thanks for another fantastic lesson!


lindsay Sep 30, 2012

Hi Duke

never heard of Eastwood Airline guitars before but it looks good and they get good reviews. I have heard good things about (Japanese made) Edwards guitars too which are gibson copies at fraction of the cost.


Duke, once again, thanks so much for posting all these lessons. you have given us a real cross section of blues which will keep me going for ages.


thanks again, Lindsay

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 30, 2012

Sounds good Peter, keep up the good work! Duke

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Sep 30, 2012


No problem, try this one instead...

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 30, 2012

Hi Lindsay, Its an Eastwood Airline, Twin Tone. Great guitar, fairly inexpensive and I love it!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 30, 2012

Hi Peter, For some reason I can't get track to play. Maybe Mike can fix it? Sorry, Duke 


Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Sep 28, 2012

Hi Duke,

Bet you gave up on ever getting a solo recording ;-)

I'm not happy with it, but I know you are about to move on to a new lesson.

I added a rhythm track in the right channel with clean tone.  Its a bit louder than it should be to bring it out.

The solo is in the left channel with some hair.  I took you advice and practiced the licks you showed, then I didn't think about that when I recorded.

lindsay Sep 24, 2012

Hi Duke, what sort of guitar is that?


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