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Hello Folks,

This week we are starting on the Charlie Christian / Benny Goodman tune Soft Winds. Its a fairly simple tune and fun to play using 6th chords as the melody. It's a 12 bar blues in the solo verses but on the head its 14 bars. The 4 change is extended by 2 measures but those two measures are only added in the head. So for the first lesson we are learning the head this week. It's a fun tune to play.






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Loop 0:00 Run-Through of Soft Winds Head


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Loop 0:53 Breakdown of Soft Winds Head

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Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Oct 29, 2017

Hey Duke! 

What a great tune and so much fun to play! I'd never heard the Kenny Burrell version before; it's really amazing! Here's my version of the head. I decided to try using octaves instead of single notes for the end of the phrase and I think it works nicely. I haven't really pushed myself to do much with octaves and I think perhaps it's a technique I should get more comfortable with. Thanks for the great lesson! Looking forward to hearing your soloing ideas! Bruce

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