Mark Rhodes

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: You Don't Love Me Variation of the Main Riff Jul 16, 2019

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea Chords and Rhythm Jun 08, 2019

Great tune, Duke! Always loved this one. My comping seems okay (for something I'm just learning) but the second half of the bridge really trips me up! Have to think about that part. ;o) 

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: Never Mind Melody Mar 09, 2018

Hey, Duke, I've looked on YouTube but can't find a recording of Claude McLIn's version. I can't even find it on Amazon. Any idea where I can find a copy? 



patrick casey
patrick casey Mar 10, 2018

Hi Mark.  Fortunately I live in Chicago and Bob Koester from jazzmart is an encyclopedia of all things blues/jazz  helped me with the name McLin, but he didn't think he had any records lying about.  The song is on an album called Chicago's Boss Tenors.  I don't think it's on cd but I did some digging. you can listen to it online at the   Never Mind plays at the 49 minute mark of the program.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Apr 02, 2018

Hi Mark, Its on an album called Chicago Tenors on Chess. Possibly never issued on CD. Not sure. Duke 

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: Route 66 Solo Dec 29, 2017

Really happy to see this lesson (solo) notated this way. Love the "Route 66" lesson series. 

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: Frankie and Johnny Solo - Lesson 2 Dec 15, 2017

Uh, the tab here is for last week's solo (chorus #1). 

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Dec 15, 2017

Thanks Mark -- you're right.  All fixed. 

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: TNT Head Jul 28, 2017

Big Jimmy Smith here. Glad you picked this tune, Duke.

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: Avalon Chords Jun 25, 2017

Duke, love hearing you and Herb together. (Your version of "Moten Swing" is among my favorite outings by you two legends.) 

This tune has really grown on me.

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: High Heel Sneakers Rhythm and Head Sep 09, 2013

Duke, this is one of my favorite lessons. Love this groove, though it's tricky to get right. Every time I hear this I can't help but think of Little Feat's "Dixie Chicken" for some reason...

Mark Rhodes
Mark Rhodes commented on: Chitlins Con Carne Lesson 1 Sep 07, 2013

I love that minor i (one) also. I learned this using a C7#9 for the I chord. I think this voicing is better. I'm glad you're doing this tune. Kenny Burrell is one of my favorites and he seems so relaxed when he plays, but man, it's tricky to get some of those lines groove the way he makes 'em groove!

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