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Hello Friends, The tune for this month is my "Westside Shuffle" that I recorded with Ronnie Earl for our "The Duke Meets The Earl" album. It's a nice simple westside shuffle as the title implies. I recorded a track for this one where I solo for two choruses then leave two open for you! Then we trade 4 bar sections for two choruses before going back to the theme. So this first lesson is again, with the chords and different voicings and rhythmic ideas for different parts of the tune. So pick up on the chords and have fun jamming with me and next week we'll learn the head then on to soloing. Enjoy, Duke

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Chicago Blues
Duke Robillard
Ronnie Earl
West Side Shuffle

Backing Track

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loop @ 2:06 rhythm breakdown / 7th chords

%6/T.X/X.6/1.7/2.6/1.X/X[Bb7] %6/2.X/X.5/1.6/3.X/X.X/X[Eb7] %8/2.X/X.7/1.8/3.X/X.X/X[Fb7]

loop @ 3:22 9th chord rhythm (I, IV and V chords shown below)

%X/X.5/2.6/3.5/1.6/4.X/X[Bb9] %6/2.X/X.5/1.6/3.6/3.X/X[Eb9] %8/2.X/X.7/1.8/3.8/3.X/X[F9]

loop @ 4:15 freddie king 9th chord w/ F aug turnaround

%X/X.X/X.6/3.5/2.3/1.6/4[Bb9] %X/X.X/X.6/3.5/2.4/1.6/4[Bb+9] %6/2.X/X.5/1.6/3.6/3.X/X[Eb9] %8/2.X/X.7/1.8/3.8/3.X/X[F9]

loop @ 6:52 6th chords

%X/X.X/X.8/3.7/2.8/4.6/1[Bb6] %X/X.X/X.8/3.6/1.8/4.6/1[Eb7] %X/X.X/X.7/2.8/3.8/3.8/3[F9] %X/X.X/X.5/2.6/3.6/3.6/3[Eb9]

loop @ 7:26 sliding 6ths

loop @ 9:15 practice run-through




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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 11, 2012

Hi Peter, I believe what you are refering to is the Charleston rhythm like Stevieboy is playing on his video along with me. It is usually played in downstrokes but if down and up work for you, and it sounds good, then it's right. It's not how you get there but how it ends up. Thanks, Duke 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 11, 2012

hey Peter, No worries, take your time. I'll look forward to hearing you. Duke

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Sep 11, 2012

Hey Stevieboy, Great job! You definately got the vibe going on and your 4s with me were great. Keep up the good work! Duke

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Sep 08, 2012

I'm working on a recording.  So far, I have just the rhythm part down.

However, my solos are not yet presentable.  They would not make people smile ;-)

I'll post something eventually


stevieboy Sep 07, 2012

Thanks for the kind words Mike.  Of course like most of us, I've played along with Duke many times, his recordings that is (including that particular song,) but it's fun to have a part left open to play with.  Where's everyone else?  Do it!  I think I'm too loud overall, but for the purposes here I think I can get a pass on that.  The technical situation is not ideal, but of course that's not the point, it's a learning experience.  And I'm learning!

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Sep 05, 2012

Hi Stevieboy .. totally awesome!  I love it when you and Duke are trading 4's!!  It's just makes me smile.  Made my day! 

stevieboy Sep 04, 2012

Not a Duke or an Earl!  But a lot of fun to play along with Duke.

stevieboy Sep 04, 2012

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Sep 02, 2012


Great lesson Duke!  I'm just getting started, but I have a quick picking question...

I hear the rhythm as "ONE two AND three four".

Do you always strike going down, or do you delay the second down stroke?  

In other words, should the strumming be up and down one the beat, and you hit like this "DOWN miss UP miss miss".  Or, is it just "DOWN <pause> DOWN"?

Does it matter?



Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Sep 02, 2012

Wow!  What an swesome lesson. Thanks Duke!

I love the idea of trading 4's

wobbly_bob Aug 31, 2012

Wow thanks Duke,  Talk about "Ask and it shall be given".  I feel honoured.  So looking forward to this lesson.  Such a smooth articulate piece. You really are a Master. Thanks once again.

daddyray (robbie)
daddyray (robbie) Aug 31, 2012

nice one.....I had not put that third on the B string in my ninth chord nor had I thought to move that voice up a fret...from James Brown record I knew that as a three note chord. 

I would suggest when showing us a stop time tune that you play it through a couple of times without fully halting the tune so one can tell more easily when the stop time hits happen. I think that might be more clear. 

See ya tomorrow in Lincolnshire! Hope you do not get rained out tonight in Peoria.

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