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Same Old Blues

Soloing in 2nd and 3rd Position

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Same Old Blues > Soloing in 2nd and 3rd Position

Hello Friends,

This lesson concludes the Same Old Blues song. I offer several riffs and ideas for continuing the solo a chorus or two longer here. The main point being not to keep working the same position over and over. Try diffent riffs and timing. The rhythm of the licks you play also should vary. Think about mixing longer lines, spending time on one note with a bend and also playing shorter and repeated fills. All of the combinations are used by the best players and keep a longer solo from being boring.

We want to have a start, a middle and an ending to the solo that builds then come down to a logical conclusion and sounds like the end of the solo. Sometimes in a shorter solo you may want to make an intense statement all the way through and get out. It all depends on the song and it's emotional content.

Have fun and keep those videos coming!

Enjoy, Duke




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Chicago Blues
Duke Robillard
Chicago Blues
Little Milton
Same Old Blues

Backing Track

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Loop 0:52 2nd Position and B.B. King Style Riffs

Loop 2:50 Line Starting in High Ab / 1st Position

$1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $2./16 $1.16 $2.19 $2.16 | $3.18 $1. $2.16 $3.16^ $1. $4.18 $5.18 $1. $1. $1. $1. $3./10 |
$2.9 $1. $2.11^ $1. $1.9 $1. $1.9h10 $1.p9 $2.12^ $1. $1. | $2.9 $3.10 $2.9 $2.11^ $1. $1. $1. $1. $4.6.$3.5.$2.6.$1.4 $2.7 $1. $2.4 |
$3.6^ $1. $3.5 $3.4^ $1. $4.6 $5.6 $1. $2.4 $2.6 $1. $1.4 | $1.6^ $1. $1.4 $1.6 $1. $2.6 $1.4 $2.7 $2.p4 $2.4^ $1. $3.6 |
$3.4^ $4.6 $4.4 $5.x $1. $2./4 $1.4 $2.7 $2.4 $3.6^ $3.4 $3.6 | $4.4^ $1. $4.6 $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. |

Loop 4:03 Horn Riff Behind the Vocal

Loop 4:22 Ending Licks

Loop 4:56 Closing Thoughts





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Tony_D Feb 04, 2015

Hi Duke, I really love this song and Little Milton's style. Simple yet very expressive and powerful. Listening to myself playing, I think I tend to lose the sense of timing when I do not stop and listen. Should probably work on that.


Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 02, 2015

Hey Bruce, That was great! You got it and your time, even at the slower speed was very good, which is harder actually. Very good job, nice vocal too. Duke

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Feb 02, 2015

Thanks so much, Duke! That is extremely rewarding to hear. 

Bruce Dumes
Bruce Dumes Feb 02, 2015

Hi Duke! Every time a new lesson appears, I have to ask myself if you've got a bug in my practice room, because you often seem to address the exact topics I need. This last lesson was one of those. I'd been working on a 2nd solo chorus, dropping one of the vocal choruses, but this last lesson gave me the insight I needed to do it better.  

I slowed down the track a little, which you'll hear. I needed that extra little bit to make the licks at this point. And as my friend (and former band-mate, many years ago, when I was playing keys) Eddy Tomassi used to say, "If you want to play good, practice slow. If you want to play better, practice slower." Or something to that effect, anyway.

So here it is. This represents literally dozens of hours of work, but I think it's starting to sound OK. I still struggle with keeping the time in check, and trying to figuring out how to put more of myself into it. Though I did rip off my favorite B.B. King lick for it. :-) (the lick on the IV from "The Woman I Love")

One thing I'd like to work on, and maybe it's something you can discuss in future lessons is coming up with licks that go across the chord changes. I find that I tend to come up with licks for the I, licks for the IV, licks for the V, and they are very discrete. I hear great players like yourself playing elegant phrases across the chord changes, and that's something I'd really love to be able to encorporate into my playing. 

Anyway, thanks for this great series! It's a fantastic tune, and if I ever get up enough courage to play guitar on stage, I'll most definitely want to put this on the set list.  I'd be most grateful for any advice you can give me to improve upon what you see and hear in my playing in this style. Thanks again!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 01, 2015

Hi Marty, That's was great. Love that you are just going for it! Good blusy stuff! duke

Marty Perry
Marty Perry Feb 01, 2015

Hi Duke,

Thanks for the feedback. I've learned so much from your lessons. Thanks for teaching!
Marty Perry
Marty Perry Jan 31, 2015

Well, I really was working on the the lesson.... then I just got jaming to the backing track.

OK, back to the regularly scheduled programing... now where were we?

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Feb 01, 2015

Wowza !!  That is some tasty playing.  I really like those chords around 1:30 --- and then how you drop down.  Great stuff.

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