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Romance in the Dark

2nd A Section Fills

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Romance in the Dark > 2nd A Section Fills

Hi Guitar Friends, This weeks lesson is the last A section for the first chorus of "Romance in the dark " we learn a few new chords and add double stops to build a bit more interesting background then start the first solo licks by repeating the last vocal melody line as an introduction to the solo.

Enjoy! Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Duke Robillard
Romance in the Dark
32 Bar Blues
Lil Green
Big Bill Broonzy
Sunny Crownover

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 Romance in the Dark background listening: Lil Green & Dinah Washington

loop @ 0:00 Duke with Sunny Crownover.  Turnaround 2X - A A B A - start of solo

loop @ 1:35 Duke with Sunny Crownover.  Last A section and start of solo.

loop @ 2:44 breakdown of first 4 bars of A section after bridge

$4.7 $3.5/6.$2.4/5 $3.7.$2.7 $3.6.$2.5 $3.4.$2.3 $4.7.$3.6 $4.6.$3.5 | $4.5.$3.4 $6. 5 $4.5.$3.6.$2.7 | $4. 4.$3.4.$2.3.$1.5 $4. 4.$3.4.$2.3.$1.5 | $4./3.$3./4.$2./5 $4./3.$3./4.$2./5 $4. 3.$3.4.$2.4 $4. 3.$3.4.$2.3 |

loop @ 5:38 practice track for first 4 bars of A section after bridge

loop @ 6:28 breakdown of bars 5 and 6 of A section after bridge (bars 5 and 6 tabbed below)

$6.5 $6. 5.$4.4.$3.6.$2.5 $6. 9.$4.8.$3.9 $6. 9.$4.8.$3.9 | $6. 7.$4.7.$3.7h8 $6. 7.$4.7.$3.7h8 $6. 7.$4.6.$3.7 $6. 7.$4.6.$3.7 |

loop @ 7:12 practice track for first 6 bars of A section after bridge

loop @ 7:39 breakdown of echoing the melody

loop @ 9:43 practice echoing the melody

loop @ 10:05 breakdown of 1st part of solo

$4.7 $3./6 $2.5 $4.7 $4.7 $3./6 $2.5 $4.7 $4.7 | $3./6 $2.5 $2./8 $2.7 $2.5 $3.7.$2.7 $3.5h6.$2.5 $4.7 $3.5h6.$2.5 $3.7.$2.7 $3.5h6.$2.5 $4.7 |
$2.5 $1.5 $1.6 $1./7 $2.8 $2.5 $3.7 $3.h6 $3.4 $4.7 $4.6 $4.5 $5.7 $5.5h7p5\4 $4.7 |

loop @ 11:57 practice echoing the melody and 1 part of solo


Backing track with vocal by Sonny Crownover





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Rpurser Jun 07, 2013


This is a beautiful song and you cracked the code for us on this one!



Tom Apr 10, 2013

I really want to expand my knowlege of double stops, but I want to still confine my scope to the Blues. My motto: The Blues, the whole Blues and nothin' but the blues. That may sound narrow minded, but frankly I see a whole universe in just the blues.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Apr 08, 2013

Glad you are digging this arrangement. It's really my favorite kind of guitar playing that I do. It's not a really popular style because its from an older time but I believe that things that truly sound good will always sound good. Fads are for the masses. 

Tom Apr 07, 2013
Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Apr 06, 2013

Thanks Mike, I feel this one of my best examples of building a song part by part to bring it to a strong ending Even though its a lighter tune it still builds in intensity. Duke  

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Apr 06, 2013

Hi Duke .. I just love this lesson.  The chord fragments are really nice and the way you put them together is pure beauty!!  I like the pace too.  I'm keeping up with each lesson and I'm excited to learn the whole song. 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Apr 06, 2013

Thank you Lindsey! Much appreciated. Duke

Tom K.
Tom K. Apr 06, 2013

Thanks Duke , love those double stops !!


lindsay Apr 05, 2013

hello duke, thanks again for all the lessons. I am amazed when I look back at all the songs and material you have covered in the past 9 months or so. the songs cover a wide variety of jazz /blues I would not have attempted some of those songs myself. actually I had never heard of 1 or 2 songs before so thanks for making me aware of the songs in the first place. Lindsay

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