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Hi Folks, This week we are learning the chords and 4/4 rhythm for my arrangement of "If I Had You." As you know it's alway important to know how to play the rhythm part on any song. Except for the intro chords these are chords we have used in many other swing tunes so if you have been following along they should mostly familiar to you.

Enjoy, Duke

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If I Had You background listening: Duke Robillard Jazz Trio

loop @ 1:12 run-through of chords

loop @ 4:47 breakdown of intro

%6/1.X/X.7/3.7/4.6/2.X/X[Bbmaj7] / %X/X.X/X.9/1.10/2.11/3.9/1[Db13] /
%X/X.9/2.8/1.10/4.9/3.X/X[F#maj9] / %7/2.X/X.7/3.8/4.6/1.X/X[B7b5] /

Note: song form is A A B A

loop @ 9:33 first A section breakdown

%6/2.X/X.5/1.7/4.6/3.X/X[Bb6] / / /
%X/X.X/X.3/1.5/4.4/2.4/3[Fm7] / %6/1.X/X.6/2.7/3.8/4.X/X[Bb13] %6/1.X/X.6/2.7/3.7/4.X/X[Bb7(#5)]
%6/2.X/X.5/1.8/4.X/X.X/X[Eb] / / / %11/2.X/X.10/1.11/3.11/3.X/X[Ebm6] / / /
%6/2.X/X.5/1.7/4.6/3.X/X[Bb6] / %10/2.X/X.10/3.10/3.10/3.X/X[Dm7] %9/2.X/X.9/3.9/3.9/3.X/X[Dbm7]
%8/2.X/X.8/3.8/3.8/3.X/X[Cm7] / %8/2.X/X.7/1.8/3.8/3.X/X[F7] /
%6/1.X/X.7/3.7/4.6/2.X/X[Bbmaj7] / %X/X.X/X.9/1.10/2.11/3.9/1[Db13] /
%X/X.9/2.8/1.10/4.9/3.X/X[F#maj9] / %7/2.X/X.7/3.8/4.6/1.X/X[B7b5] /

loop @ 14:02 2nd A Section breakdown (turnaround variation below)

%6/2.X/X.5/1.7/4.6/3.X/X[Bb6] / %11/2.X/X.10/1.11/3.11/3.X/X[Ebm6] /
%6/2.X/X.5/1.7/4.6/3.X/X[Bb6] / / %5/T.X/X.5/1.6/2.5/1.X/X[A7]


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Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf May 16, 2013

Thanks Duke.  As an engineer, I'm fascinated by how one can transform a simple tune into sophisticated music by substituting and altering chords.  I look forward to geting these sequences into my fingers so I can use them in other tunes.

Looking forward to your concert at Regatta :-D

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 16, 2013

Hi Peter, All the chords here are part of my arrangement. Obviously there are other ways to play the song. For example, the intro chords which are also used in the melody sections are not the original chords to the song but additional chords added for arrangement purposes. The song itself could be performed with simpler chords, like leaving out the Fm7 and the 2 passing chords that follow, but that's not the arrangement and adding these chords should help you how to possibly use them in other places. Songs like this and Romance in the Dark can be as simple or complex as you want to make them as long as the root triads and minor chords are there. So it's all just a matter of preference really. Duke 

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf May 14, 2013

Terrific song Duke, I'm having a good time practicing these now almost familiar chord sequences.

Something you touched on, that I'd like to understand better...  What is the basic form of the song, and which chords are decorations, alertations and substitutions?

I'm guessing that the basic song is simple, and the cool chords make it interesting.

I'm also guessing that one can take almost any song, and make it cooler with substitutions... and that's Jazz!


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