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Hello Guitar Friends, The week we will learn the first half of the chord melody to "Gee Baby, Ain't I good to you." Some of the chord formations you are most likely familiar with and the rest are not so difficult so with a bit of work you should be playing the chord melody in no time. Being a slower tempo helps. I show a few chord alternatives here and there so you can choose how you'd like it to sound. Send me videos and I will let you know how you are coming along on it.

Enjoy! Duke

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
T-Bone Walker
Duke Robillard
Kenny Burrell
Nat King Cole
Gee Baby Ain't I Good to You

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loop @ 1:27 Run-Through (A A B A)

loop @ 2:46 Breakdown of First Two A Sections

$5.11.$4.11.$3.11.$2.12.$1.12 $1. $1.12 $1. $2.12 $2.13 $6.8.$4.8.$3.9.$2.8.$1.10 $1. $2.8 $1. $1. $2.10 | $4.7.$3.8.$2.8.$1.7 $1. $4.7.$3.8.$2.8.$1.8 $1.7 $1. $4.6.$3.7.$2.7.$1.7 $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.7 |
$1. $1. $2.5 $1.3 $1. $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $4.4.$3.5.$2.4.$1.5 $1. $1. $1.3 $1. $4.5.$3.4.$2.5.$1.3 | $1. $1. $1. $4.5.$3.4.$2.5.$1.3 $1. $6.2 $6.2.$4.2.$3.2.$2.1 $1. $1. $6.2.$4.1.$3.2 $1. $6.0 |
$5.11.$4.11.$3.11.$2.12.$1.12 $1. $1.12 $1. $2.12 $2.13 $6.8.$4.8.$3.9.$2.8.$1.10 $1. $2.8 $1. $1. $2.10 | $4.7.$3.8.$2.8.$1.7 $1. $4.7.$3.8.$2.8.$1.8 $1.7 $1. $4.6.$3.7.$2.7.$1.7 $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.7 |
$1. $1. $2.5 $1.3 $1. $4.5.$3.6.$2.5.$1.6 $4.4.$3.5.$2.5.$1.5 $1. $1. $1.3 $1. $4.5.$3.4.$2.5.$1.3 | $1. $1. $1. $4.5.$3.4.$2.5.$1.3 $1. $2.5 $6.3.$4.3.$3.4 $1. $1. $6.3.$4.3.$3.4 $1. $4.10 |

loop @ 7:23 Run-Through of Two A Sections with Discussion on Variations

loop @ 11:18 Closing Thoughts





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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 11, 2015

Hey Steve, Sounds beautiful man! I would like to correct one thing. At the end of the second A section leading to the bridge the correct chords to set up the bridge are G and G7 one beat apiece instead of the F#minor7b5 to B7. If you try it you'll find that the G G7 imply the change to the 4 chord for the bridge. otherwise it's a great performance, Nice and smooth and good tone! Duke

Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder May 11, 2015

Thanks Duke

I'll try that before moving on to the solo lessons.


Steve Lauder
Steve Lauder May 10, 2015

A work in progress

This lesson has been on my list for sometime now and I finally had a chance to go through the chords and the melody yesterday.

While the Nat Cole Trio (Quartet) plays this in G, I notice that T bone Walker as well as Louis Armstrong play this in F#. This is likely due to the horns. Have you altered key signatures to accomodate horn sections? While all chords are movable, its hard to do on the fly - for me anyway. 

By the way on the Nat Cole version, if that's Oscar Moore, he knocks me out. I'll be stealing his lead.

I hope to put down a track soon.

Cheers, and hope the shoulders better.


Nacho Oct 15, 2014

recorded with my brand new eastman AR372, very good es175 copy for its price.

Nacho Oct 15, 2014

 what a great tune  ..i enjoying a lot learning this one, 

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Oct 15, 2014

Beautiful.  I really love the chord melody too --- this is one of my favorites.  You play it very well.

Nice guitar too.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 12, 2014

Hey Nacho, Great job on that chord melody! Nice guitar also! 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 27, 2014

Hi Graham, Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I do teach the chords in the first lesson. I think that would help. If not let me or Mike know. Thanks, Duke 

Graham White
Graham White May 27, 2014

This is sooooo beautiful.

would it be possible to actually have the CHORDS displayed, rather than just tab notes?

I am at the stage where it really would help 

hope someone can do it




Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 30, 2013

Hey Roger, Very good start on it. Keep up the good work man! Duke 

Roger Nov 29, 2013

 A run through the A section chords and melody. Thanks for the great lesson Duke! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 29, 2013

Hello Cesar, Man, you got it down cold! Sounds great and I like that you are getting a great sound on it with a Strat! It'a all in the touch and you've got it! Nice to see your video in B&W also. It makes it much more interesting to me. Duke 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 29, 2013

Hi Stevieboy, I would imagine Charles Brown would have done this tune. I can hear his voice doing it. Maybe because Nat Cole did it so well and their voices are similar. We'll definately do more of this type of thing. Duke

cesar Nov 23, 2013

Hello! Nice tune,thanks Duke! 

stevieboy Nov 23, 2013

Speaking of Charles Brown, when I was listening to this song for some reason I could just hear in my mind Charles Brown singing it, even thought I had a version by him somewhere.  Went to youtube, then itunes, couldn't find Charles Brown, but amazing how many people have done it.  The chord melody I think makes a great lesson for us because it's something we can play by ourselves unaccomanied.  Unlikely I'll ever play this in a band, at a jam etc but having a chord melody part is really cool.  I vote for more of that!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 23, 2013

Hi Mike Thanks, Glad you are digging it! Duke

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 23, 2013

Hi Kim, You are welcome. Oscar Moore was killer! and his brother Johnny Moore was also. Johnny played with Charles Brown and was more bluesy. Duke 

Kim Mehrens
Kim Mehrens Nov 22, 2013

Very cool. As usual it inspired me to look into the history of the song and the artist. So i  read up on Nat King Cole, and found a recording with Oscar Moore on guitar. Very Charlie Christian like and amazing.


Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 22, 2013

Pure beauty Duke!!  I absolutely love this song and the way you're approaching it.  The way you voice these chords and lines ... is just perfect.  Thank you.

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Nov 12, 2014

Thanks Mike, it's one of my favorite tunes. Duke 

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