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This week we are going to learn the outro to 'Cookin'. The outro consists of two choruses of chord riff punctuations that bring the song to a climax. You won't hear them on the sound page here. The song was too long to fit in the time allowed so it's not there. It's funny, Jimmie kept missing the ending and the producer went over the tape each time Jimmie missed it which (the ending outtro) didn't even make the soundpage. So we lost all the best solos and they were WAY better than what you hear on the sound page. Anyway the out riffs are cool and the second chorus is something I find very hard to execute myself these days. So don't be disappointed if you can't do it at a fast tempo. And if you can, congratulations, you can play faster than Duke Robillard! Enjoy.

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Here's the last two minutes of Cookin' from Guitar Groove-A-Rama.

The first riffs are loop @ 3:21

$5.5 $4.3 5 5 $3.3h4.$2.3 $3.5.$2.5 $3.3h4.$2.3 $4.5 || $4. 5 $3.3.$2.3 $3.5.$2.5 $3.3.$2.3 $4.5 ||

The riffs for the second part at 5:19 are loop @ 5:19

$3./7 $2.6 $3.\5 3 $4.5 3 $6.3 | $4.5.$3.4.$2.5.$1.3 $4.5.$3.4.$2.5.$1.3 $4.5.$3.4.$2.5.$1.3 $4.5.$3.4.$2.5.$1.3 |
$4.5 $3./7 $2.6 $3.\5 3 $4.5 3 $5.3 | $4.5.$3.3.$2.5.$1.3 $4.5.$3.3.$2.5.$1.3 $4.5.$3.3.$2.5.$1.3 $4.5.$3.3.$2.5.$1.3 |
$4.5 $3.3 5 /7 5 3 /7 | $3.5.$2.5.$1.5 $3.5.$2.5.$1.5 $3.5.$2.5.$1.5 $3.3.$2.3.$1.3 |

A variation on the second part is at 7:15 on the timecode loop @ 7:15

The last part is a descending pentatonic riff that uses the same chords in between the riffs.  You should be able to pick this out by ear once you learn the first two riffs above.  Remember to use the spacebar to play/pause the video.   

You can loop final riffs @ 8:25 here.

To practice all three parts together loop @ 9:20

Finally, here's a slowed down (145bpm) backing track to practice along with.

.. and the at tempo (175bpm) track.

To practice offline .. Download the Cookin' 145bpm backing track

.. and .. Download the Cookin' 175bpm backing track


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Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 11, 2012
Thanks Bill, I really appreciate it! Duke
Bill Adkins
Bill Adkins Feb 10, 2012
This is a great tune. I've listened to it for years and could never quite figure it all out..or even very much. So, thanks for going through it in detail. Your lessons are great. Thanks for doing them.
Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Feb 02, 2012

Sounds good Mike, The melody and chords is basically a call and response type thing. That's the idea!

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Feb 02, 2012

Hi Duke .. I'm really enjoying the 6th chord licks from this lesson.  I'll be using them for a long time!  I'm still working through bringing Cookin' together .. but have learned a lot of good chord and licks so far.  Thanks!

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