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Hi folks lesson 4 of Cookin' consists of a lot of my tricks plus more minor pentatonic blues riffs. If you listen close to what I am doing, you'll notice that I break up the lines rhythmically different and then repeat certain things to create a climax. I also show many of my double stop lines and chords with pull offs on the E string that make an interesting sound you can use for a whole chorus for effect. I have noticed that repeated licks seem to make audiences respond and I try not to use them too often because I don't want to rely on cheap tricks. But sometimes in a fast tune like this it can actually be musical in the sense that the provides a section of your solo where things remain constant for a while before another few choruses of fast single string lines. So it keeps it from becoming boring to the listener. Good luck and enjoy! And PLEASE keep posting your own playing here!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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 Here's the first three minutes from my version of Cookin' from my Grammy Nominated Guitar Groove-A-Rama album.

Duke's slow run through of the pentatonic riffs is at 7:00 on the timecode loop run through @ 7:00 

Try and pick these out by ear ... and remember you can always move the looper manually to set a smaller loop and hit the spacebar to play/pause.

The first riff is loop @ 8:35

$3.6h7.$2.8 $3. 6.$2.8 $3. 5.$2.8 $3. 3h4.$2.3 $4. 5 5 |

The chord form for the riffs at 10:55 loop @ 10:55 and 11:45 on the timecode are loop @ 11:45

%X/X.X/X.X/X.9/3.8/2.7/1[Em] %X/X.X/X.X/X.9/3.8/2.6/1[Edim]

The fifth riff is loop @ 13:00

$2.8 11^ $1.8 9 10 $2.8 11^ 8 | $3.10.$2.10 $3. 8h9.$2.8 $4.10 $5.10 $5. 8.$4.10 $5. 7.$4.10 |

The Hideaway chords forms are loop @ 14:14

%X/X.X/X.15/3.14/2.12/1.15/4 %X/X.X/X.15/3.14/2.13/1.15/4 %X/X.X/X.15/3.14/1.14/2.15/4 %X/X.X/X.15/2.14/1.15/3.15/4

Finally, here's a slowed down (145bpm) backing track to practice along with.

.. and the at tempo (175bpm) track.

To practice offline .. Download the Cookin' 145bpm backing track

.. and .. Download the Cookin' 175bpm backing track



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Frank Sellman
Frank Sellman Feb 18, 2014

 Duke, this is a great tune. It's good for me to practice at this tempo. I did a few takes before I settled on this one and I notice that I made the head more comlicated than it is supposed to be. I prefer the original simple line you played...This is  full of sloppy notes but I would be up all night trying to play it clean. :-)

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard May 27, 2012

You're welcome Douglas. I'm glad it's helpful to you! Duke

Douglas Irwin
Douglas Irwin May 25, 2012

Thanks, Duke!!! Your info is invaluable for me. Guides me thru and into more creative and entertaining guitar work. Since I am a work in progress, so is my ear. Have a great weekend!!!

bruno Jan 23, 2012

@roger sounds awesome! And I love that you get your body into it! 

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jan 21, 2012

Hey Roger, Very good! I see you have utilized parts from all the Cookin' lessons. Keep up the good work! Duke

Roger Jan 21, 2012


Here's my attempt at the Cookin' head and solo. Admittedly its a bit sloppy in a few places. This tune has been very challenging, but I LOVE the lessons.Thanks for your feedback.

Mario Abbagliati
Mario Abbagliati Jan 20, 2012

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the backing track!



You always sound fine!

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Jan 20, 2012

Hi Mario, I thought it was pretty close. Am I wrong? Duke

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jan 20, 2012

Hi Mario .. you bet, here's the 175bpm backing track.  

I'm impressed!  I'm still trying to get my fingers to behave at 145bpm.  Enjoy.

Mario Abbagliati
Mario Abbagliati Jan 20, 2012

Hi Duke,

Your lessons are great!

Any chance of posting the backing track at the original tempo?

Thanks so much.



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