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Blues A Rama

Lowell Fulson

Blues A Rama Lesson 4 is Duke Robillard's tribute to Lowell Fulson. In this lesson, Duke gives you an overview of early Texas electrified blues as played by Lowell Fulson and the great T-Bone Walker.  Duke covers how to play the style, the key licks in Duke's solo and also how to get the beautiful, mellow early Texas tone. 


Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Lowell Fulson
Duke Robillard

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Loop 1:46 Breakdown of Lowell Fulson's Style 

Loop 6:55 Run-Through of Blues A Rama Lowell Fulson


Download the Sheet Music PDF


Loop 8:42 Backing Track





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MartinPiana Nov 14, 2011

Good, quick overview. My immediate takeaway was the Fulsom/Chuck Berry riff on the V7. I use variations of that on the I but for some reason never thought about using it on the V7. Looking forward to excploring more lessons....

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