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"Walking By Myself" by Jimmy Rogers features Big Walter Horton on harmonica playing one of the most famous harmonica accompaniments and solos in the blues repertoire. Here's Rick and I performing the song. This is in the key of "A" played in 2nd position on a "D' harp. There's lots of tongue blocking/slaps in this one.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jimmy Rodgers
Key of A
Jerry Portnoy
Big Walter Horton
Rick Russell
Walking by Myself
D Harp

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Background listening: Jimmy Rodgers: Walking By Myself

loop @ 0:46 intro 

loop @ 2:20 solo

loop @ 0:46 full song




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Terry Church
Terry Church Sep 08, 2016

Thank you, Jerry.  Again your advice is priceless. Like your insistence on NO TABS, it forces me to quit looking for the easy way and just listen and learn from the music itself. There are no magic bullets--and it's probably better that way.  Wish I had discovered your lessons 5 years ago when I bought that harmonica and began watching miscellaneous youtubes full of tabs and endless explanations....... 

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Sep 08, 2016

Hi Terry,

It's just a feel. Don't really have an exercise to help you with it. Play along with the track and get the groove embedded in your head. Then you can just play naturally and it will all fall in the right place.

Terry Church
Terry Church Sep 07, 2016

I'm in love with your version of that introductory passage before the vocal.   After hundreds of listenings I've managed to figure out which notes you're playing. (Thanks for forcing me to figure it out instead of relying on a tab.  It was time well spent!!)  Now I'm working on trying to get that marvelous swing right.  Even at 50% speed I can't track where the individual notes fall within measures with a metronome, so I'm just trying to get in the groove, imitating you while tapping my feet as I play and hoping that will do the trick.

I've reviewed your lessons on rhythm and syncopation, of course, but do you maybe have any additional advice on how to practice this one passage to get the swing/groove/beat right?  I'd be happy to spend a month working on just those 8 bars because I feel getting them down could  really set me in the right direction.

Thank you for dedicating your time to beginners like me.


Jeff Seay
Jeff Seay Aug 08, 2014

Lesson wouldn`t load.

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Aug 08, 2014

Hi Jeff --- thanks for letting us know.  It's likely an interaction with your system.

Can you tell me what type of computer you have and what browser (Chrome, Firefox ...) you are using?

You can reach me via the Contact Us page.


Boyd R
Boyd R Dec 08, 2012

very nice tune


DenisF Sep 21, 2012

Very good, Like always ,I like too the choice of your songs...


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