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Off the Wall

Backing Track

Here's Rick Russell with the backing track to "Off the Wall". You can use this to practice each chorus as you learn them and the entire song when you're ready.

Have fun!




Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jerry Portnoy
C Harp
Rick Russell
Little Walter
Key of G
Off the Wall

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C Harp in the Key of G

Loop 0:08 Whole Song

Loop 0:08 First Verse

Loop 0:33 Second Verse

Loop 0:55 Third Verse

Loop 1:17 Fourth Verse

Loop 1:39 Fifth Verse

Loop 2:01 Sixth Verse

Loop 2:24 Seventh Verse

Loop 2:46 Eighth Verse and Ending





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David Thomson
David Thomson Sep 13, 2023

Hi Jerry  Do you have a way to download the Backing Track


Guitar Dave
Guitar Dave Sep 11, 2016

Mr. Ricky King Russell,

I'm a guitar player who backs up a harp player,  the solo clips of your fret board are tops.  Speed options,  single note turn around riffs I can see and understand !!   Keep them coming.

thanks Ricky and Sonic Junction,

Guitar Dave


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