Guitar Dave

Guitar Dave
Guitar Dave commented on: Nine Below Zero Performance Dec 16, 2017

Hey Blair...  very relaxing, sonny boy for real.

Guitar Dave
Guitar Dave commented on: Masterclass Vibrato Aug 19, 2017


SJ is my go to site for harp guitar backup lessons.  Thanks guitar guys Duke, Ricky King, Dave Gross,  and Corey.  Thanks to the harpsters Jerry, Rick and Dennis.  Jerry, please listen to my harp playing friend here in St.Louis.  I played your jam tracks off your  Master Class CD box set (with Duke)  thru a PA and he played along.

Thanks SJ!


Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Aug 20, 2017

Your friend is a very fine player. Good stuff!

Guitar Dave
Guitar Dave commented on: Blues A Rama Muddy Waters Jan 27, 2017

Hey Doc,  Duke's Muddy/SJ lessons are tops.  Duke's response to my guitar/ amp tone question put me one step closer to Muddy's sound.  Welcome to SJ,  nice clip of your muddy jam. 

fellow student Dave


Guitar Dave
Guitar Dave commented on: Off the Wall Backing Track Sep 11, 2016

Mr. Ricky King Russell,

I'm a guitar player who backs up a harp player,  the solo clips of your fret board are tops.  Speed options,  single note turn around riffs I can see and understand !!   Keep them coming.

thanks Ricky and Sonic Junction,

Guitar Dave


Guitar Dave
Guitar Dave commented on: The Things I Used To Do Chords Aug 20, 2016

Duke!!  When I opened the "The Things I Use To Do" lessons,    I called in sick,  now that's a blue monday.

Great song,  a must learn and thanks for the chance to learn it the way you teach it.  

cheers, Guitar Dave

Duke Robillard
Duke Robillard Aug 21, 2016

I Hope you enjoy it Dave. Thanks, Duke 

Guitar Dave
Guitar Dave commented on: Use What You Got Solo - Second Chorus Mar 17, 2016

Slim,  Fellow student here... You can be in my  garage band here in St.Louis!  Nice job and your singing is real,  you tell a story and I want keep listening.  Duke!  You are correct, these Freddie King licks are so useful and should be in everyones toolbox.  Great addition to jam with friends.

St.Louis Dave

Guitar Dave
Guitar Dave commented on: Want Ad Blues Groove and Intro Riff Feb 06, 2016


Great John Lee story,   touching.   We can read books about them all but a video story from you made me smile all the way to my heart,  like JLH did.

thanks Duke!

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