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Bending the Two

In this lesson I cover a couple drills for building facility in bending the two hole. The drills are based on the blues turnaround and couple licks.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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Below are a set of practice videos, slowed down and then at tempo that build in complexity.  

Practice 1 . Slow


Practice 1 . At Tempo


Practice 2. Slow


Practice 2 . At Tempo




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Davide Sep 23, 2016

Last thing: the sound when I do the bending on the second hole it's full of air, is it right? my breathing gets extremly full of energy when i play the 2 holes, especially when i do the bending.... how to do the bending note without becoming a ballon?? is it a matter of finding the right position of the mouth and tongue?

thanks a lot Jerry, God bless

Davide Sep 23, 2016

Hi Jerry!

I've Just started to follow your lessons, awesome. I like them a lot, but I must admit that I get confused when you play some sentences, switching quicky from blowing to drawing. I don't get how to switch that quickly, as if the notes were both blown or drawn... minute 2:17 when you start playing.

I also have some problems in bending the 3rd hole.... 4th and 6th it's ok, second a little bit. The third, I can't even play 1 of the 3 bending notes! do you have any Suggestion?

last: do you write down, maybe in tabs, something you play? Because I try to emulate what you do, but than I forget some parts, so if there's anything written down, would be definitely helpful. Thanks Jerry, big hug from Italy

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Apr 26, 2012

Hey Phil,

Just keep at it. Persistence over time will yield results. Guaranteed!!


Phil Stefanini
Phil Stefanini Apr 23, 2012

Thank you again.  I need a lot of work on this... and I'm running out of breath and moving my head, forcing the sounds, some squealing out.  I intend to keep practicing along though.  The video and explanation are very clear, concise and extremely helpful... breaking this up in pieces with repetition, slow and fast is perfect.  Phil

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