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Little Walter Style Slow Blues

Little Walter's Artistic Approach

We're re-issuing one of Jerry's most popular lessons with re-mastered video and updated loop points. From Jerry:

Just a few thoughts on Little Walter's style and his influence on the development of blues harmonica. Next week will be Rick with the backing track to Blue Midnight.






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Little Walter's Blue Midnight (Bb Harp in the Key of F)




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Nick Fermi
Nick Fermi Jan 31, 2020

Yes, thanks Jerry,. Really great hearing you talk about this, and other things that seem useful to think about.     Ive been listening so much to Little Walter this past year now that I started thinking all the good players cook it up fresh every time.  Quite a high bar to be looking to!  Amazing to think about how much he'd picked up by a young age.  He must have really been going at it with playing and studying the music he loved I imagine.

Recently heard his daughter Marianne I think speak in London with Billy Branch about her memories of him.  Sounds like he was a really loving father and partner to his wife before his untimely loss of his life.

Gordi Brown
Gordi Brown Nov 16, 2019

so much to learn .. thanks Jerry!

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