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Key to the Highway

Backing Track

Here's the backing track for Key to the Highway. Play between Rick's vocal phrases and use those wah wahs.

C harp in key of G.

Have fun!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
C Harp
Rick Russell
Key of G
Key to the Highway

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C Harmonica in the Key of G.

loop @ 0:46 intro & first verse

loop @ 1:49 solo

loop @ 2:41 ending

loop @ 0:46 whole song




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Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Jun 06, 2013

@ Jerry,

I hear the timing issue at the times you stated, thanks for bringing that to my attention.

I'll also focus on catching some of the adjacent hole too.


Thanks, your feedback is very helpful!



Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Jun 06, 2013

Really good effort with just a couple of caveats: You're off time around 1:30 and again between 1:54 and 2 minutes on the time code. Also, though you're playing the correct notes very nicely and right on pitch, they're all played clean and pure. Try dirtying them up some by picking up a piece of the adjacent hole to the right of the hole you're playing. It will sound grittier and bluesier. You're really doing great though and, as a teacher, it's very gratifying to hear!

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike May 24, 2013

After much tabbing and splicing, here's my effort at Jerry & Ricks example of "Key to the Highway".

Biscuit Mike
Biscuit Mike Apr 26, 2013

Thanks again for showing both your hands Rick.

My buddy who plays guitar has starting doing some of these songs with me!

He's not a heavy blues guitarist so it's very helpful when he can see what your hands are doing.

Thanks again King!

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