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Lesson 6

Juke 6th Chorus. A relatively simple chorus with no acrobatics, jumps or tricky riffs. As always, timing and tone rule. Slowly increase your speed toward the original as you remember and ingrain these choruses in your head for the conceptual part and ingrain them in your muscle memory for the physical part until the conceptual and physical work together seamlessly. Hear it and play it!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
key of E
Jerry Portnoy
A Harp
Little Walter

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A Harp in the Key of E.

loop @ 0:16 to practice the 6th chorus slowly


Little Walter Jacobs (1930 - 1968) changed the Chicago blues sound in 1952 with his instrumental "Juke", spending eight weeks in the #1 position on the Billboard magazine R&B charts.

The 6th chorus is from 1:41 to 2:02 on the timecode.




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Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Apr 26, 2012

Hey Boyd,

Juke is a sophisticated tune that takes real command of technique to play well. Take what you can from these lessons and think of learning this tune as a long term project that you come back to and continually improve as your technique improves.


Boyd R
Boyd R Apr 18, 2012

I'm having fun trying to play Juke and would like more like it. But learning how to play juke it will take take a while right.

Boyd R
Boyd R Apr 14, 2012

Juke is a very interesting tune, I'm working the third lesson more then the rest of the lesson's

I want to learn this note for note.

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