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This lesson, we are going to run through the song, "Things About Coming My Way". The song by Hudson Whittaker, AKA Tampa red, shares it's tune with two other well known songs: "Sitting On Top Of The World", and "Come On In My Kitchen".

I will do it Piedmont style, with a strong emphasis on steady right hand thumb work.

Guy Davis



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Piedmont Blues
Tampa Red
Mississippi Sheiks
Things About Coming My Way
Guy Davis

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Loop 0:50 Corey's Introduction of Guy Davis

Loop 2:28 Guy's Artistic Approach to Things About Coming My Way

Loop 3:15 Run-Through of Things About Coming My Way

%X/X.3/3.2/2.0/0.1/1.3/4[C] / %3/2.2/1.3/3.0/0.0/0.3/4[G7] / | %X/X.3/3.2/2.3/4.1/1.X/X[C7] / / / |
%1/T.X/X.3/3.2/2.1/1.3/4[F] / / / | / / / %2/T.X/X.0.2/2.1/1.X/X[D7] |
%3/3.X/X.2/2.0.1/1.0/0[C] / / / | %3/3.X/X.0/0.0/0.0/0.3/4[G] / / / |
%2/T.X/X.0.2/2.1/1.0/0[D9] / %3/3.X/X.0/0.0/0.0/0.3/4[G] / | %X/X.3/3.2/2.0/0.1/1.0/0[C] / / / |
%X/X.3/3.2/2.0/0.1/1.0[C] / %3/2.2/1.3/3.0/0.0/0.3/4[G7] / |


Loop 6:28 Chord Breakdown (9 Bar Blues)

Loop 9:35 Introductory Thoughts on Right Hand Thumb Technique

Loop 10:36 Closing Thoughts






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charlie Apr 18, 2015

Thanks Guy - great to have you here at Sonic Junction. Love this lesson and this song!

Guy Davis
Guy Davis Apr 24, 2015

Thanks for the compliment Charlie. Once you master your right hand thumb, there's no way part of Piedmont picking that's can hide from you. Guy Davis

willliam deraymond
willliam deraymond Apr 18, 2015

Great song and lesson Guy. Thanks!

Guy Davis
Guy Davis Apr 24, 2015

William, I stole everything I know. Stealing's ok if you master what you stole and make it your own. Thank you. Guy Davis

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Apr 17, 2015

Hi Guy --- I love the way you voice the G7 and D9 chords.  It's cool that if you just move one or two notes around how much it changes the feel of the chord and makes the song flow.  Thanks for teaching us.

Guy Davis
Guy Davis Apr 24, 2015

Mike, there is nothing new in guitar playing. Revoicing standard chords is a way of saying the same old thing in a different way. To make a song flow, keep practicing it until you can play and sing it with authority. Guy Davis

Boyd R
Boyd R Apr 17, 2015

Damm I love this. I have to learn this. I have a low voice. the chords should work right

Guy Davis
Guy Davis Apr 24, 2015

Hey Boyd, I'm glad you brought this up. The guitar is there to serve your voice, not the other way around. When I want to play Robert Johnson songs, I use a capo and sometimes different tunings to help me. For instance I might use standard, instead of drop D. Open D instead of open G. RJ had a high pitched flexible voice. my voice is thick and low and a bit clunky. I try to use the same rhythm and guitar melody in a key that I am comfortable with, hopefully in a way that projects the same feeling that he had. If I were to try and sing it in the same key, playing note for note that he did on the guitar, I would lose the feeling of the entire song because I wouldn't be comfortable. The listener is depending on ME to interpret the song, not Robert.

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