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Rambling on My Mind

Walkdown & V Chord

This week we will do a quick review of last week's lesson. Today we will work on variations for the walk down as well as how to resolve using the five chord or a single string. Enjoy!

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Open E Tuning
Corey Harris
Slide Guitar
Open E Tuning
Robert Johnson
Rambling on My Mind

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Rambling on My Mind background listening: Robert Johnson

loop @ 2:01 review rhythm and slide

loop @ 3:09 walk-down #1 (adding V chord riff taught at 4:50)

$6.0 $1. $1. $5.3.$1.0 $1. $5.3.$1.0 $5.2.$1.0 $1. $5.2.$1.0 $5.1.$1.0 $1. $5.1.$1.0 | $5.0.$1.0 $1. $6./4 $5.0 $1. $5.0 $1. $1. $1.x.$2.x.$3.x $6.3^ $1. $4.0 |

loop @ 3:21 walk-down #2

$6.0 $1. $1. $5.3.$3.0.$2.3 $1.0 $2.3 $5.2.$3.1.$2.2 $1.0 $2.2 $5.1.$3.2.$2.1 $1.0 $2.1 | $5.0.$3.0.$2.0 $1. $6./4 $5.0 $1. $5.0.$4.2.$3.1.$2.0.$1.2 $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. |

loop @ 4:12 walk-down #3

$6.0 $1. $1. $2.3.$1.0 $1. $2.3.$1.0 $2.2.$1. $1.0 $2.2.$1.0 $2.1.$1.0 $1.1 $2.1.$1.0 | $2.0.$1.0 $1. $6./4 $5.0 $1. $5.0.$4.2.$3.1.$2.0.$1.2 $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. $1. |

loop @ 4:50 V chord

$6.0 $1. $1. $5.3.$1.0 $1.0 $5.3.$1.0 $5.2.$1.0 $1.0 $5.2.$1.0 $5.1.$1.0 $1.0 $5.1.$1.0 | $5.0.$1.0 $1. $6./4 $5.0 $1. $5.0 $1. $1. $1.x.$2.x.$3.x $6.3^ $1. $4.0 |

loop @ 5:53 slide positions

loop @ 7:17 walk-up from the I to the IV

$6.0 $1. $6.0 $6.2 $4.2 $6.2 $6.3 $4.3 $6.3 $6.4 $4.4 $6.4 | $6.5.$5.5.$4.5 $1. $6.5.$5.5.$4.5 $6.5.$5.6.$4.5 $1. $6.5.$5.6.$4.5 $6.5.$5.5.$4.5 $1. $6.5.$5.5.$4.5 $6.5.$5.7.$4.5 $3.6 $6.5.$5.7.$4.5 |

loop @ 8:03 closing thoughts




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Corey Harris
Corey Harris Feb 03, 2014

@Darnaud...You have a good rhythm and a nice tmepo with this song.  I hear that you have listened a lot to the original recording.  I would suggest that you keep working on your singing, which is already good.  I sense that you are not totally comfortable yet with the lyrics, so take your time.  Without a video I can't see what your hands are doing, but it sounds like you may need to bring your fingers together closer (cross your little finger slightly under the other fingers on your left hand).  Also make sure that you are using your palm/wrist to dampen the strings.  J'espere que ca va vous aider.  Bien fait et bonne chance....

claudio Sep 24, 2013

thanks to Corey and JD, I have already started following the advice Corey gave to me and it is getting better.

What I realized is, as all of you say, it takes time. Sometimes I feel like I don't want to wait all the time that is needed but would like to jump ahead and already being able to play all the tunes that Corey knows.

I Know is a strange feeling and even stupid. Playing the guitar and being on a learning process is part of the path and part of the fun and I should not be thinking about knowing as much tunes as I can.

We have to play, have fun and keep getting better day by takes time!!!

I must do a tattoo on my shoulder with this sentence "IT TAKES TIME

JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Sep 23, 2013

@Caudio Corey gave me this advice month ago and that was a terrible advice  :)! Now i'm always recording the rythm guitar and sing without guitar ! And then both. I try to have the same confort with or without the guitar. Of course it take a long time  and there's still for me a big diffrence with or without the guitar but i'm getting it. I think a tune ust be played everyday (all the partsts). For me i'm getting confortable with a tune in 6 months minimum...

I also try to make phonetic approch of the english, i don't trust what is written but what i hear like english singer do when then learn song in french or japonese...

Hope it helps you...

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Sep 21, 2013

@Claudio...yes you can first learn the tune on guitar and then learn how to sing it.  You might try recording yourself playing the song and then sing a long to the recording.  Take it very slow and break the song down into parts to make it easier to learn.  I hope this helps you.  Be patient and you will see results over time.

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Sep 21, 2013

@John Bunyan...thanks for the feedback.  I look forward to seeing you post here.  

claudio Sep 18, 2013

Hi Corey, after a couple of months working day by day on this style I can now handle some tunes and learn new ones easily.I am really doing great progress,at least I think so.I am really enjoying to play this style and I want to thank you about it and about your great lessons.I have one question/problem about singing:I don't mean sing the song in a very good way I am not a singer at all, I mean that I do not understand how to fix the words with the music. I know English the problem is not related to the language.The problem is related on how to put together words and music and make them just one thing.Do you have any advice or exercise I can make to learn faster the melody I have to sing while playing?Should I first learn the tune on the guitar, put down the guitar and learn how to sing it and then put them together?Is this the correct approach? 



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