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This week I concentrate on variations in the intro, the body of the song and in the ending. I also demonstrate how to play with dynamics while singing and playing.  The idea here is simple -- play quieter when singing and play slightly louder when not singing.  Never start a song too loud, since that will kill the tune.  Try it out and see if you get what I mean....

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:

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loop @ 0:57 to practice the F7 intro



loop @ 1:45 to practice the walk-down for the second intro

$4.8.$1.8 8 8 $4.7.$1.8 8 8 $4.6.$1.8 8 8 $4.5.$1.8 |


loop @ 3:18 to practice the turnaround

$6.3 $5.0 1 2 $4.0 $5.2 1 $6.3 $2.0.$1.3 $2.0.$1.3 | $3.0 $4.1.$3.2.$2.1.$1.2 $4.1.$3.2.$2.1.$1.2 $3.0 $6.3.$2.0.$1.1 $2.3^v 1 |


loop @ 6:06 to practice the walk-up

$5.3 $4.2 $5.5 $4.3 $5.6 $4.4 $5.7 $4.5 | %X/X.8/3.7/2.0/0.6/1.8/4[F] %X/X.X/X.7/1.8/3.7/2.8/4[Adim7] |


loop @ 9:32 to practice the first ending

$3./2 $2.1 3^ 3^ 3^ 3^ 3^ | 3^ 3 1 $3.2 $4./2 $3.0 2 $4.2.$3.3 |

loop @ 10:57 to practice the whole song



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Corey Harris
Corey Harris Apr 05, 2014

Mike you have a nice voice and your guitar sounds nice.  I would suggest that you try and slow the tempo down a little bit.  It sounds like you are rushing...  Also listen to the rhythm of the song; it sounds like you have changed it a little bit.  Listen, listen, listen till you cant stand it no more lol.  Good luck. 

Mike Bridge
Mike Bridge Mar 27, 2014

Here's where I'm at after a few weeks on this one.  It is definitely a challenge to sing and play at the same time!

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jan 27, 2012

@Corey.....I like that part a lot!! I Thank you, Rasta...I'll take a look to that project in Sashamane too...

Take care


Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jan 27, 2012

@Alessandro...ok listen to Blind Blake's original version.  It has a nice double-time section in the middle.  I'll think about the African blues lessons....

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jan 27, 2012

@Corey....Actually I haven't heard a lot  the original version...;))) 

I've heard Savane of Ali Farka Tourè..Do you think in the future, will we have some lesson on african blues too?:)))

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jan 26, 2012

@Corey .. Thanks.  I took your advice last night and just listened / played the bass over and over .. it's working for me.  I think I rush into the melody / riffs too quick.  Thanks for the direction!

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jan 26, 2012

@Alessandro...I think it is sounding better without the thumbpick.  Try not playing the "chuck" (string slap) at the end of each section.  Try and think of a piano when you are playing and listen more to Blind Blake's version.  Really listen to what the bass is doing and try playing the song several times with only the bass part and imagine the melody.  The goal is to make the bass stronger and stand out more without playing too hard.  

When I say dynamics all is mean is adjusting the volume of your guitar playing and singing.  So if you are singing, play quieter, if not then play louder.  



Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jan 25, 2012

@ Mike.  Thanks for posting.  Yes I can tell it is still a challenge.  I would suggest getting the rhythm/berat down first.  It sounds like you need to go back and figure out what the bass is doing and get that down first.  Don't think about the melody at first, just isolate the bass and play that over and over.  That's AFTER listening to the original many more times.  Take a day and just listen to that one song, nothing else.  The next day take a few measures and work on that.  Keep it simple!

Keep on

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jan 25, 2012

OK .. here's where I am with CC Pill blues.  I'm struggling a bit to get the flow.  Love the tune .. but more work ahead for me.  Any tips?


Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jan 24, 2012

@Corey...Grazie!!!!!I found the lyrics on internet!!!!I'll work more on the rythm and the palm muting thing...without the thumbpick it's even easier...I completely changed idea about it and don't know why I haven't done it before...well, I think this is the reason why it's good to take lessons, isn'it? 

Could you tell me more about the dynamics? Do you think it's better now than the others video I've uploaded?

And one more thing...I want to thank you Mike and Corey for the technical support (graphic is so much better now) and for the transmission of knowledge...cooperation have to become a must in the future if we want to make this world better...all this competition is actually killing all of us!!!!

If one day you guys are going to come here to Italy in Bologna off course there's some good italian food for you prepared by me and also, expecially for a true Rasta as Corey, some Ingera and Zighny too prepared directly by my beautifull eritrean girlfriend and flatmates!!!!

A presto


Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jan 23, 2012

Alessandro sounds good.  You know what you are doing.  Make sure you go back and listen to the original recording by Blind Blake on youtube.  You can find the lyrics onlineif you want to sing it.  I would suggest working more on the rhythm and the bass strings, as well as muting with your palm to keep it sounding clear.  Good work.

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jan 23, 2012

@Mike....Thanks!! :))) I'm starting avoiding the use of the thumbpick....It's gettin better and better and I prefer the sound.......Don't know about dynamics!!!That's the tough part of the game!!!! ;))

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jan 23, 2012

@Alessandro .. Awesome!  I've got some work to do to catch up!

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jan 22, 2012

@Corey Hi Corey...Here's my attempt with cc pill blues...I'm just tryin to play very basic and I avoided to use the thumbpick and I'm feelin more and more comfortable with bare fingers now!!! I also sing just to know if it's ok for the dynamics...I couldn't find the lyrics so I'm kind of improvising :)) Any suggestions? :)))

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