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In this last lesson on CC Pill Blues I re-emphasize the bass lines and the rhythm.  Make sure you spend a lot of time on this  before trying to play the whole song. I also discuss some variations to the melody as well as how to begin and end the song.

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loop @ 0:24 to practice the bass and rhythm


loop @ 4:15 to practice the melody run through

%X/X.0/0.2/1.2/1.2/1.3/2[A7] %X/X.5/3.4/2.5/4.3/1.X/X[D7] %3/1.X/X.3/2.4/4.3/3.X/X[G7+13] %3/1.X/X.3/2.4/3.4/4.X/X[G7(#5)+13]


loop @ 8:50 to practice the first ending

$4.8.$2.5.$1.8 $4.8.$2.5.$1.8 $4. 7.$2.6.$1.8 $4.7.$2.6.$1.8 $4. 6.$2.7.$1.8 $4.6.$2.7.$1.8 $4. 5.$2.8.$1.8 | $2. 8 $1.5 $3. 5.$2.5.$1.6 ||



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Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Feb 18, 2012

@Corey....Here's my latest attempt with cc pill....I think I'm still having problems with the bass lines but to be honest I haven't practiced a lot during these days!!^__^  I'm singin too in this video..Do you thinks dynamics are better now?


Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Feb 04, 2012

Corey, I think that someway they were obliged to use thumbpick,too!!.^__^...they didn't have amplifiers and the only way to have a higher volume was to use thumbpick or resonator guitars!!! I like to think that with nowdays technology Robert Johnson maybe would avoid using picks...but probably he would do also something different than roots blues!!! He was an innovator...vero? :))

This isn't the only switch I'm tryin to do...I'd like to play with the hand in front of the hole and only 2 fingers...!!!Now I use thumb, forefinger and ringfinger...I was so fascinated by the technique of your brother View farka tourè when I saw this video for the first time!!!!Is this standard tuning?!?!?!?

ደና ሁን

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Feb 04, 2012

@Alex...glad to hear that you have been making some changes that you are happy about.  It's not easy to make the switch in technique when you are used to doing something one way.  I think fingers just sound warmer, but it's really what works for the individual player.  I know that many of the old players used thumbpicks.  The only time they ever work for me is when I play certain songs (such as son house, charlie patton, fred mcdowell) a resonator 'cause it helps me to dig in and get the volume I am looking for.  Even then, when I play a quieter song on the resonator I like to just use my fingers.  

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Feb 04, 2012

Ciao Mike,

I prefer to focus on the bass, too!!! I think it's gettin better and better...My challenge now is dynamics and to avoid playin with thumbpick which is quite difficoult for me bacause I was used to play with it a lot...But I do prefer the sound of bare fingers...Now I'm preparing an exam and if I pass it I will have a job, and this is the priority for me...So I'm not playin so much like before and I will not have much time to upload videos cause it takes me a lot of now, prepare mixer, microphone etc...but I'm still here off course...CC pill will be in my reportoire when I'll start again playin in the clubs....Keep your lamp was already in I'm lucky...and the same for corey's version of Special rider....It's so cool to take lesson directly from Corey that I started coverin as well as Eric Bibb, Keb Mo, Robert Johnson, Skip James etc..

Sonic Junction is really great...I'm advertising it on fb as much as I can...we need more blues mates...

by the way....we have a new teacher now!!!! :DDDD

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Feb 03, 2012

@Alex .. how's CC Pill coming along?  I'm still working on the bass.  It's getting stronger, but still needs work.  

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Jan 30, 2012

Cool...keep playing.

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Jan 28, 2012

Thanks Corey.  The bass run through is really helping me.  

I'm using the loop and playing it over and over in full screen just looking at your right hand.  I'm going to try doing this for 15min a day for the next couple days and see where it takes me.  

Really enjoying the tune!

Alex Barbera
Alex Barbera Jan 28, 2012

Thank you Corey ;)

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