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Rambling on My Mind

Intro, IV and V Chord Variations

In this lesson we discuss how to play the intro as well as resolutions from the five to the one chord. Alternate ways to play the four and five chord are also discussed. Take your time and learn the rhythm and tempo of the shuffle. Thanks!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Open E Tuning
Corey Harris
Slide Guitar
Open E Tuning
Robert Johnson
Rambling on My Mind

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Rambling on My Mind background listening: Robert Johnson

loop @ 1:13 review shuffle & groove

loop @ 3:06 intro

$1. $1. $1. $5.3.$3.0.$2.3 $1.0 $2.3 $5.2.$3.1.$2.2 $1.0 $2.2 $5.1.$3.2.$2.1 $1.0 $2.1 | $5.0.$1.0 $1. $5./5.$4.0 $5./5.$4.0 $1. $6./7.$5.0 $6./7.$5.0 $1. $1.x.$2.x.$3.x $6.3^ $1. $4.0 |

loop @ 4:30 alternative IV and V chords

%X/X.2/2.3/3.1/1.X/X.X/X[A7] %X/X.4/2.5/3.3/1.X/X.X/X[B7]

loop @ 6:03 floating the slide 




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JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Feb 01, 2014

Soryy i repost that video because i'll make them private on youtube and i though it may help some student to let them on SJ. Sorry for the notification.

JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Feb 01, 2014

William Angalik
William Angalik Sep 29, 2013
Sounds to me like Ramblin'n on my mind is a prewar floating verse, used in more than one blues song.
Robert Johnson - Ramblin' On My Mind
I got rambling : I got rambling [all] on my mind
Hate to leave my baby : but she treats me so unkind
Skip James - Devil Got My Woman
I laid down last night : tried to take my rest
My mind got to rambling : like the wild geese from the west
Willie Reed - Texas Blues
Said I laid down last night : my mind was rambling around
Thinking about my lover : she had done put me down
Thank-You Corey and Mike at Sonic Junction.  I really enjoy learning all your lessons.
JD Krooks Crouhy
JD Krooks Crouhy Sep 24, 2013

Hello Corey,

this my first draft for this lesson. It tooks me a long time to choose a key for my voice, that why i'm so late. I sing in the high register and the melody isn't good but i'm workin' on it. Finally it appears that singing loud in higher register is better than in the medium register, it gives more energy ! When i sung in low register the song fell like a ballad...


I had to say that he extra bars are a little disturbing too ;)!

I had no time to had the extra work you taught here but i've tab everything and workin' on it.

At the end i wanted to play a final lick with your A7 voicing but having praticing it in open G just before, i missed the good strings and play that funny end...

I've notice that my choke at the end of the riff (at the 12th) fret is not good. I think for the tempo i rush a little bit but i stay around 105 bpm max...

That's all, thanks for everythin




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