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Dynamics, Conversational Tones and Phrasing

In this lesson we will explore techniques that I hope you will be able to use. Most importantly, we discuss how to use your diaphragm and mouth to sing more effectively. So let's put down our guitars and focus on our singing!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Corey Harris
Muddy Waters
Mississippi Fred McDowell
Son House

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Loop 1:33 Dynamics and Building Intensity

Loop 2:30 Pony Blues Example


Why don't you catch my shetland, saddle up my black mare

Why don't you catch my shetland, saddle up my black mare

I'm going to find a rider, in the world somewhere


Mmmm, come on, let's just go

Well now get up now pony, come on, let's just go (let's just go)

As we travel on down to the Gulf of Mexico


Loop 4:33 Conversational Tones and Phrasing for Blues Vocals

Loop 4:50 Catfish Blues A Cappella Example


Well I wish, I was a Catfish

Swimming in the deep blue sea

I'd have all you good looking woman lord

Fishing after me, fishing after me, fishing after me

Oh well, oh Lord, sure nuff I do, oh well


Well there's two, two trains a running

And they never go my way

Well they got one that run at midnight other one run

Just for day, running just for day, run just for day, running just for day

Oh Lord, sure nuff I do, well well


Loop 7:02 Interplay of the Slide with Your Voice (Duet)

Loop 7:52 You Got To Move Example


You got to move, you got to move

Got to move on child, you got to move

But when the lord, he get ready

You got to move


You may be high, you may be low

You may be rich and you may be poor

But when the lord, get ready

You got to move


Loop 9:57 Closing Thoughts





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Joe McGlynn
Joe McGlynn Aug 12, 2016

I've been on the fence about signing up with Sonic Junction, Corey this lesson sold me.  I'm a beginning guitarist but I'm really eager to add singing to my playing and anytning that can help is gold.  Looking forward to working through more lessons!

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Dec 05, 2016

Thanks very much....

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Nov 08, 2014

Hi Corey --- what's in your mind when you're singing?  I'm asking as I tend to think about if I'm on pitch and/or singing right --- when it seems like I should be somewhere deeper and trying to tell or "be" the story / song.  I hope the question makes sense and thanks for these awesome lessons.

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Nov 11, 2014

greetings Mike -- I clear my mind when I sing and let it flow.  I FEEL whether or not it is right, but I don't analyze.  I just make sure that the words can be heard and understood and that I am breathing correctly so that I have enough wind to sing.  It's like speaking...we don't listen to what we say and analyze it in real time.  Once we learn how to speak, we just do naturally.

Wheeler Nov 05, 2014

That was a solid lesson. Thanks for sharing that wisdom. Much respect!

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Nov 11, 2014

Thanks Wheeler.  I look forward to seeing you post a video.

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