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Decay, Melodic Blues and Staying Faithful to a Line

In this lesson we will explore some more singing techniques that I hope you will be able to use. We should always remember that singing is at the heart of true blues traditions. All the great blues men and women sang. So don't be shy! Sing.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Corey Harris
Catfish Blues
Rambling on My Mind
Fulton Blues

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Loop 0:38 Staying Faithful to a Line: Rambin' on My Mind


I've got Ramblin, I've got Ramblin all on my mind

Little girl, little girl, I've got Ramblin all on my min

I hate to leave you baby, but you treat me so unkind


Loop 4:50 Decaying a Line and Changing the Tone: Catfish Blues 


Well I wish, I was a Catfish

Swimming in the deep blue sea

I'd have all you good looking woman lord

Fishing after me, fishing after me, fishing after me

Oh well, oh Lord, sure nuff I do, oh well


Loop 4:27 Melodic Blues and the Piedmont Sound: Fulton Blues 


Well, Fulton, Fulton, what done happen to you?

Fulton, Fulton, what done happen to you?

Seems like everyday, well, people crying in the news.


Loop 7:11 Closing Thoughts & Singing All the Time




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Andy Mar 11, 2016

Hallo Corey, just have to thank you again. The longer i am here on your site the more excited i get. Have been playing guitar for 30 years and think i can play the guitar a bit but this site and i mean your lessons really are a FANTASTIC inspiration to me. I thank you for these lessons from all my heart! Thank you so much!

Peter Wolf
Peter Wolf Nov 12, 2014

Hey Corey, I just wanted to thank you for these lessons on singing.  There are plenty of videos on the Internet explaining how to play Blues guitar, but almost none teaching singing...  and singing is probably the most important part!

I, and I am sure, all other Jammers and Buskers really appreciate your lessons


Corey Harris
Corey Harris Nov 19, 2014

thaks Peter I am happy that you like it.  Good luck.

Tj Nov 10, 2014

Just wanna say, dope show on Saturday...still feeling high off it..I love how you and Alvin both did pony showed the personal touch each of you put into your own interpretation of a classic...I learned a lot...thank you!

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Nov 19, 2014

Thanks TJ I am glad to hear that!

Vince Nov 07, 2014

Corey I am so grateful for your lessons and patricularly this latest series on singing as I've always thought the blues is really a sung form of music. Instrumentals are nice but the human voice and a story really communicates the blues at it's base and it's such an emotional release/charge to let it all out with a song.

Any chance of a look at the singing on 'Everybody Ought To Change' where the singinging is kind of against the tune on the guitar?

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Nov 19, 2014

Vince thanks.  I am glad you enjoyed the lesson.  The voice is where it all starts.  That is a good idea to revisit that song and how to sing it.  I will keep that in mind/  

willliam deraymond
willliam deraymond Nov 07, 2014

Thank you Corey! 

Corey Harris
Corey Harris Nov 19, 2014

thank you too

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