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Getting Out of Town

Verse 3 - V and Back to the I

In this lesson we complete the third verse by adding the V change and the resolve back to the I. I'll demonstrate and break down several really cool elements in this lesson.

1) We'll continue using some of the vocal-sounding hand effects that we worked with last week.

2) I show you how to produce a tongue generated, combination single note/chord backing device.

3) I'll teach you a barely perceptible, (until I point it out, slow it down and repeat it) and highly effective, slightly menacing-sounding, throat burr/growl, effect.

All that stuff is contained in basically one lick!!!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Sonny Boy II
Getting Out of Town
Rick Estrin

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G Harp in the Key of D.

Loop 0:18 Run-Through of 3rd Verse

Loop 0:42 Breakdown of V Chord

Loop 3:25 Breakdown of Burr Going Back to the I Chord




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Paul W
Paul W Apr 04, 2014

Rick, this song is a cornucopia of techniques & learning...thanks for bringing it.  I'll have to go back & listen but I thought you used that you that toungue-batting rhythm technique in another part where you move up from the one blow to the two blow switch- toungue? 

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