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Nine Below Zero

Last Vocal Chorus

This week we're taking on the last vocal verse. I break down the little fill licks I'm using between vocal phrases. I talk about how to approach telling the story vocally - for singers and non-singers alike. I also address the importance of keeping the musical conversation going - keeping the conversation going between the lyrics and the fills and also keeping it going internally between the harp licks themselves.

Rick Estrin



Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
key of E
A Harp
Sonny Boy II
Nine Below Zero
Rick Estrin

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A Harp in the Key of E

Loop 1:22 Last Vocal Verse Run-Through

Loop 2:44 Singing and Telling the Story

Loop 3:52 I Chord Breakdown

Loop 7:25 Practice Loop and Variations on the I and IV Chord

Loop 10:18 V Chord Breakdown

Loop 11:55 Staying in the Pocket

Loop 14:05 Transition and Fill Variations for Contrast

Loop 15:28 Practice Loop of Whole Verse with Fill Variations

Loop 16:37 Closing Thoughts  





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Marc Graci
Marc Graci Jul 21, 2018

"Someone that is strictly a harmonica player is of no value in this world."

Probably once every lesson, you say something that just cracks me up. I learn a lot of great technique from these lessons, but the overall entertainment value is off the charts. You speak the truth, though.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Jul 21, 2018

I said that?!?!? 😂 I believe it is generally the truth, but I'm a little surprised I actually said it publicly.

Daniel James
Daniel James Dec 04, 2015

Such a wonderful lesson and such a helpful and enjoyable fascet of my development. Thank you Rick!

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