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Getting Out of Town

I Chord of First Verse

In this lesson we'll work on the I chord or the first change of the first verse. We touched on this in the last lesson, but this week we'll get more specific with details and nuances - We want to get that groove imbedded in your brain and body at a cellular level!

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Sonny Boy II
Getting Out of Town
Rick Estrin

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G Harp in the Key of D.

Loop 0:00 Chord Only Groove

Loop 1:45 Call and Response Groove

Loop 2:12 Call and Response Groove Slowly

Loop 2:42 Call and Response Breakdown




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DeborahZ Apr 03, 2020

Wish I could get out of town, Rick, but at least this self isolating is giving me more time to focus on harp. 
Love the lesson on groove in this song. Thanks for breaking it down so smoothly.

Rick Estrin
Rick Estrin Apr 03, 2020

Thanks Deborah - I'm glad you're diggin it - and yeah, no excuses now - We've all got plenty of time to practice!

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