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This week I break down a few of the techniques and licks in the accompaniment to Walking By Myself, and show some spots where I switch between tongue blocking and lip pursing. D harp in key of A.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Jimmy Rodgers
Key of A
Jerry Portnoy
Big Walter Horton
Walking by Myself
D Harp

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D harp in key of A.  Background listening: Jimmy Rodgers: Walking By Myself

loop @ 1:00 introduction

loop @ 2:10 first verse

loop @ 2:30 second verse

loop @ 4:08 "you know I love you" part

loop @ 4:48 solo breakdown




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Judy Brassard
Judy Brassard Jan 03, 2013

windows 8 and microsoft internet explorer 10, I use.


bruno Jan 03, 2013

@judy - which browser and operating system are you using? That info might help us figure out what's causing the problem. Thanks!


Judy Brassard
Judy Brassard Jan 03, 2013

if you can get the bugs out of the player, I might consider buying a subscription. I will keep checking to see.

Right n

ow the player plays a little of the video and cuts out. Then you can't get it back -- or i can't.

Mike Caren
Mike Caren Oct 15, 2012

Hi Heinrich,

Welcome to Sonic Junction!  We have recently updated the video player with some new features and unfortunately created a bug:  you can no longer click on the progress bar to back up the video.  Our apologies and we will fix it this week.  

In the mean time, you may want to try some of our new control features:

1. if you type a number on the keyboard .. it will loop back that many seconds

2. you can use the arrow keys to move the video back / ahead

3. typing Q W (loop start) ... and ... O P (loop end) will move the loop end points back and forth

Thanks for visiting and again, our apologies on the issue.


heinrich heyn
heinrich heyn Oct 15, 2012

great lesson , but i'm not fast enough to catch it and i can't back up the video. i have to start from the begining of the lesson again. if i were to purchase your subscription would i be able to pause and back up the lesson?

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