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Blues In A Dream

Sixth Chorus Breakdown

Now for the last chorus of "Blues in a Dream." It starts with a lick that is repeated at the end of the chorus in a strong driving finish. If you put the feeling into the notes it will "get over" with the audience every time.

Good luck!





Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
key of E
Jerry Portnoy
A Harp
Blues In A Dream

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A Harp in the Key of E. 

Loop 0:00 Breakdown of 1st Riff

Loop 1:05 Breakdown of Main Repeating Riff

Loop 2:12 Practice Loop of First Two Riffs

Loop 2:54 Breakdown of Resolving Riff

Loop 4:24 Practice Loop 

Loop 5:06 Breakdown of 4th Riff and Finish

Loop 6:36 Practice Loop Entire 6th Chorus

Loop 8:10 Closing Thoughts




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tim james
tim james Dec 05, 2015

yes i did enjoy this tune !!!  cheers Jerry!!  maybe one day could  ya  teach  BLOW  WIND  BLOW mate?  it's  one of me favorites

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