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Sloppy Drunk

Solo, Second Chorus

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Sloppy Drunk > Solo, Second Chorus

Here's the second chorus of the solo on "Sloppy Drunk". Elements of the first chorus are found here as well. Pay attention to the "pick-up" at the beginning of the chorus - it's an effective device that can be useful in various settings.

D harp in key of A.

Topics and/or subjects covered in this lesson:
Key of A
Jerry Portnoy
Sonny Boy I
Rick Russell
D Harp
Sloppy Drunk

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D Harmonica in the Key of A.  Sloppy Drunk background listening: Sonny Boy I and Jimmy Rodgers

loop @ 0:01 1st and 2nd chorus of solo with Rick (12 bar blues)

loop @ 2:20 first riff 

loop @ 4:02 second riff 

loop @ 4:18 quick review of riffs from last week 

loop @ 4:52 remaining 4 bars from last week (V chord, IV chord, and turnaround)

loop @ 5:17 building tension with the first two riffs




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