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This week we do our own version of the great classic "Sloppy Drunk" originally written and performed by Sonny Boy I. Another great version is by Jimmy Rogers with Little Walter on harp. Some double tonguing on this and slap octaves.

Key of D with an A harp.

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Jerry Portnoy
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Sloppy Drunk

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D Harmonica in the Key of A.  Sloppy Drunk background listening: Sonny Boy I and Jimmy Rodgers

loop @ 0:30 intro & first verse

loop @ 1:37 solo

loop @ 3:38 ending

loop @ 0:30 whole song




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Eric C Rodenberg
Eric C Rodenberg Sep 24, 2014

Okay, thanks Jerry. Amazing. I would never had thought that. Great lesson!!!

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Sep 24, 2014

It's done on the draw chord with a growl from the back of the throat. Like the pronunciation of the Yiddish words chutzpah or challah, it's a guttural sound but done on the in breath. Hope this helps!

Eric C Rodenberg
Eric C Rodenberg Sep 21, 2014



Fun song. I love it. But, I'm flummoxed. That last note plays good as a draw. How are you getting that growl? It's a piece of cake in the blow ... but in the draw ... Am I missing something?




Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Oct 15, 2013

I used to play in Sam Lay's band, though I didn't record with him.

Tom Oct 15, 2013

Sammy Lay did a recording of this song too...

Jerry Portnoy
Jerry Portnoy Aug 16, 2013

Yeah, it does have a good beat. It'a a fun one to play.

Bob Aug 13, 2013

I hear a lot of "Hello little schoolgirl". Sounds great. Inspirational stuff. Thanks!

Rich G
Rich G Jul 12, 2013

Cool song.  I like the version that Sonny Boy I does,t, but I prefer the version that Jerry and Rick are doing which is more like that of Jimmy Rogers/Little Walter (thanks for putting that up B-K).  I also listened to a good version by Lucille Bogan.

B---K Jul 12, 2013

Here is that version by Jimmy Rogers with Little Walter that Jerry mentions:





Boyd R
Boyd R Jul 12, 2013

Thanks the tune really has good beat. You can learn a lot on this.

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